Formation Riding Team at the Carnival Ride

Here is the Windy Acres Ranch Formation Riding Team performing at the Carnival Ride at the Horsefields of Bree-land in March, 2014 on the Landroval server. The riders are Brenthiel, Lhinnthel, Lifebringer, and Lindenel. This is their most challenging routine to date. Click here to download the MP4 (141mb at 640×360) or here to download the WMV (409mb at 1280×720).

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  1. Hi! I am very happy to see an equestrian drill team on LOTRO! I was part of the Midwest Renegades Drill Team for about 6 years (I’m currently retired from the team). It was a lot of fun and exciting, too. I would like to suggest a few things for your team. It would be more exciting if you could do pinwheels and intersecting lines. It is difficult to explain in type. Maybe you can see from the link of the MW Renegades I provided.

    Riding faster is also more exciting but I don’t know how difficult it is to do in real game time…are you riding regular or war horse? I find war horses are not as manageable myself. How many riders do you have? Just the 4 in the clip? The more riders the more exciting it will look. Do you use actual musicians from LOTRO play your music while you ride?

    • Kiralynn of Rohan says:

      Hello! We currently have four riders working on a routine with alternates. We would love to expand the team to eight riders in the future. We would like to do more complex maneuvers, such as the pinwheels that you mention. Perhaps you could join us and show us how to do it? The last routine actually did use war steeds and it looked fantastic, however it took twice-per-week practices for the team to master. We do use live musicians to play the music during the performances

      • I would love to join the Team! It would be fun. I have three characters and they are just at levels 16 to 20. I have more characters on another server–two of them have war steeds. If that server is one that will be closing down, I am seriously considering moving them to Landroval which seems like a great place to play–lots of activities.

        Dazzlebelle is a hobbit Minstrel, Iorithiel is a human Captain, and Zwosi is a dwarf Runekeeper. It looks like all tall ladies on the team, so Iorithiel would most likely be the best fit for appearances sake. Or maybe we are all just too “young” since we can’t use war horses yet.

        • Kiralynn of Rohan says:

          We would love to have you on the team. You can find me in-game as Kiralynn on Landroval. We’re only three practices away from a big show during the Spring Racing Carnival on April 25th. You’re welcome to join. Members who aren’t riding on the field will be armed with fireworks to participate in the show. Low level characters are welcome to join, as we usually use standard (+62% speed) steeds for shows. All races are welcome. This next show has two humans and two hobbits. We can help you level to get your war steed, we help members build reputation to unlock new steeds, and we also have over 600 cosmetic items to share. Look above under Media… Videos for more of our activities. Please do check out our kinship, the Lonely Mountain Band, at

          • I will mark you as a Friend and meet you some time while playing. I would love to come watch or if Dazzlebelle ever gets her music working, she could help play with your band. One song plays but the rest do not. I’m getting help at LOTRO Forums but so far nothing is helping. When do you practice next. I would like to watch.

  2. Kiralynn of Rohan says:

    The best way to learn to play music is to attend Ales and Tales every Monday night at 8:30pm EDT/servertime on Landroval. The location changes every week, but you can get news and information by joining the AlesAndTales chat channel (/joinchannel alesandtales). You can also click here for a music guide. At the moment, riding team practice is at 10:00am on Saturday mornings at Hobnanigans Field #2. We need firework launchers for the show.

  3. Hi! I have the music working now. Got some help from the LOTRO Forum. I will try to make it to the Hobnanigans Field on Saturday.

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