Winterstock II Highlights

As the amazing gathering of bands draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone who helped organize and host this event. From the band members to the roadies to the vendors, Winterstock II was an amazing show.

In case you missed some of it, here are links to streaming and video highlights.

Evening Performances

Day 2
Day 2 Afternoon Part 1
Day 2 Afternoon Part 2
Day 2 Evening Part 1
Day 2 Evening Part 2

Day 3
Afternoon Performances
Evening Performances

Band Highlights

Day 1
The Crazy Ladies Of The Forest
Die Bunten Vögel
The Travelling Bilberries Part One
The Travelling Bilberries Part Two
A Rock And A Hard Place
Megaband – A Rock And A Mondbarden
Die Mondbarden
DisEnchanted Part One
DisEnchanted Part Two
The Lonely Mountain Band sings Winterstock
da Bugans Part One
da Bugans Part Two
The Grayhawke Band Part One
The Grayhawke Band Part Two
Bright Star Part One
Bright Star Part Two

Day 2
Breakfast Club
Die Meisterbarden von Bree
The Starlight Orchestra
Under A Sunlit Sky
The Remediators
No Whole Bard
Runic Knights Orchestra
Animal House
BBB Part 1
BBB Part 2

Day 3
Bara Bahua
Songburrow Strollers
Muckin’ Fuddle
Les Chantefables
Andune Ensemble
Les Beaux Chapeaux and Troll Finger Mega Set

Day 4
Maidens of Vanimor
Green Hill Music Society
Old Winyards

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