Spring Racing Carnival Seeks Entertainers

Spring Racing Carnival
Greetings, equestrian enthusiasts!
Planning has begun for the 2015 Spring Racing Carnival.

There will be one qualifier race in each region on Saturdays in April, leading up to the championship race. We’re also hoping to host a rodeo, mounted fashion contest, and several other events.

We are looking for bands who would like to play during the events.
* Play during a horse race and have a concert afterward. Play for as long as you like.
* Play a 30-minute or hour-long segment during a non-racing event.
* Play at the prestigious post-championship concert.
* Perform a comedy routine as rodeo clowns.

If you are interested in signing up to perform, please contact Kiralynn in-game on Landroval or via email (kiralynn@roll3d6.com).

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