Horse Racing Tips

Greetings, equestrian fans!

I would like to share racing tips with folks who might be interested in competing in the upcoming qualifier races. These tips come from veteran riders who won many races over the last five years. You can race with nothing more than a war steed, but advice from other riders can give you a competitive edge.

The first and best tip is this – watch for the route to be posted in the forums. As soon as it is available, review and ride the race course ahead of time. Find the shortest route between checkpoints. You can’t afford to get lost on the race course. Practice jumps and sharp turns until you can successfully cross them every time.

Before the race is run, the race master will lead everyone on a “pace lap”. During the pace lap, if you have questions about the course, make sure to ask the judges. Don’t miss an important shortcut because you were afraid to ask a question.

Another key to a winning race is a good start. The race master will use the /charge emote to start the race. If you see the animation, hear the shout, or read the text in the chat window, gallop immediately. Due to latency, there is no telling which one of these three signals you will notice first.

Wear a distinctive outfit at the race, but turn off cloaks and hats. If possible, make your war steed look different than all the others. You want the judges to see you clearly in screenshots.

Reduce your lag by turning down your graphics settings. Use full screen mode. You will need to keep your object and landscape draw distances fairly high to spot obstacles and landmarks during the race. However, you can turn off frill, shadows, reflections, post processing effects, and many other features. Reduce your model, texture, and material detail settings. Increasing texture cache size and reducing player crowd quality can also be helpful.

Have faith in yourself. Don’t pan the camera around to check on other riders. You may miss a turn or overlook an obstacle. Pay attention to your horse and the course. Pretend you are the only one on the track.

There are many other good racing tips in Issue 20 of the newsletter. Click here to read it.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the races!

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