Horse Racing On Laurelin

Looking for more horse racing fun? Check out the fourth annual Harnkegger Games on Laurelin, running from Monday, August 31st until Sunday, September 6th.

Known for its various gaming contests, general merriment and consumption of rather large amounts of ale, this festival of Dwarvish origin, is often nicknamed the Deep Ale Fest. As ever the fest and games will be opened to all, be it dwarves, hobbits, men or yes… even elves. This year the Games will be bigger than ever before, with 15 full-scale events spread over 7 days… and the largest hoard of prizes ever seen in Middle-Earth!

Both of the horse races are scheduled for the first day.

Here is the schedule of events:

Monday, 31st August
* Harnkegger Race (Thorins Hall)
* Fire Run Jump (Thorin’s Hall Forges)
* Brokenbone Race (Thorins Hall – Needlehole)

Tuesday, 1st September
* Gondamon Sprint (Gondamon)
* Sparring Contest (Gondamon)

Wednesday, 2nd September
* Cross Country Run (Gondamon – Thorin’s Hall)
* Dwarrow Dice Tournament (Ale Hall – Thorin’s Halls)

Thursday, 3rd September
* Poetry & Story Contest (Needlehole)
* Fishing Contest (Needlehole)

Friday, 4th September
* Music Contest (Needlehole)
* Riddle Run (Shire)

Saturday, 5th September
* Axe Throwing Contest (Archet)
* Breeland Drunken Merchant Race (Archet – Bree)

Sunday, 6th September
* Spike Jump (Frerin’s Court – exact location disclosed at event)
* Lune Swim (Lune Ered Luin)
* Harnkegger Grand Closing Ceremony on Lune Island

CLICK HERE for more information about the events.

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