How To Play Music With Songbook

Playing an instrument is a great way to join a social group, enhance roleplay, and express your creativity. Everyone knows how to play the lute. Burglars, hunters and lore-masters can play the clarinet. Captains, champions and guardians can play the horn. Minstrels can play harp, flute, clarinet, horn, cowbell and theorbo. Some minstrels are able to mentor others, teaching them to play new instruments.

You can join a band by carefully following these steps:

  1. Go to the “My Documents” folder on your computer. Open the folder called “The Lord of the Rings Online”. Inside of this folder, look for a folder called “Music”. (My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMusic) If it doesn’t exist, create it.
  2. In the same place, look for a new folder called “Plugins”. (My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlinePlugins) If necessary, create it.
  3. Go to this web site:
  4. Click Download to get the Songbook plugin for LotRO. Save it in a location that is easy to find, such as “My Documents” or the desktop.
  5. Extract (unzip/unpack/uncompress) the Songbook .ZIP file into your Plugins folder. You should now have a folder called “My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlinePluginsChiran”.
  6. Download ABC music files. These are plain text files that are the LotRO version of sheet music. They have names that end in .abc or .txt. Extract the files into your Music folder. You will only be able to play songs in your Music folder. You can click here to download Kiralynn’s collection.
  7. Any time you add or change files in your Music folder, you will need to create a new inventory of songs. Go to the Chiran folder (My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlinePluginsChiran) and double-click a file called “songbook.hta”. A dialog box will pop up. Select your LotRO account name and click “Build Song Library”. Run this file more than once if you have multiple accounts.
  8. Log into the game. If you don’t already own one, buy an instrument from a Bard. They are located in all major cities. You can find them on your mini-map if you check “Bard” on your map notes filter.
  9. Equip your instrument. It will take up your ranged weapon slot.
  10. Log into the game and load your Songbook plugin. You can type “/plugins load songbook” in the game. You should see the message, “Loaded plugin Songbook.”
  11. You can also go to “System… Plugin Manager”, select Songbook and click “Load”. In the Plugin Manager, you can select your musician characters on the “Automatically Load For” list. If you do not set Songbook to automatically load, you will need to reload it every time you log in.
  12. There are two ways to open your Songbook window. You can type “/songbook show” or click the Songbook button – a little blue square with a music note that is hiding somewhere on your screen. You won’t see the Songbook button until you mouse over it, so you might have to poke around to find it the first time. You can drag this button anywhere you like.
  13. In your Songbook window, click the “Settings” button. Check the boxes for “Song part list visible” and “Search enabled”. It is best to leave “Show description in song list” unchecked. Click “Save”.
  14. You must be in “music mode” to play songs. You can type “/music” or click the “M” button in your songbook window.
  15. Select a song to play. Choose a directory in the top section of the window, pick a song in the middle section, and click on a part in the bottom section. Some songs are written to be played by one person, while others require a band. Look for a song with only one part or a name that begins with “1-“.
  16. Start playing! If you are playing alone, click the first green triangle, the “Play Song” button.
  17. If you are playing in a band, click the second play button, a green triangle with a line after it. The tooltip reads “Play With Sync”. When all members of a band have clicked “Play With Sync”, the band leader starts the music by clicking “Start Sync Play”.
  18. You can speak and do some emotes while playing. You can even play while riding a mount! If you jump or move, however, you will stop playing. If you are in a band, everyone will have to start over, so be careful.
  19. When you are done playing music, you can click the “M” button or move to exit music mode.
  20. Go find someone to play with, you’re done!

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