Wraith Race 2012

Wraith Race

Wraith Race

Wraith Race

Wraith Race

Wraith Costume Contest

Wraith Costume Contest

AedonWraith Costume Contest - Aedon

AnthemisiWraith Costume Contest - Anthemisi

BelegfeldWraith Costume Contest - Belegfeld

BeorbrandWraith Costume Contest - Beorbrand

BrambelWraith Costume Contest - Brambel

CaiyydWraith Costume Contest - Caiyyd

CalebusWraith Costume Contest - Calebus

CraicwythWraith Costume Contest - Craicwyth

ElydricWraith Costume Contest - Elydric

GodwinesonWraith Costume Contest - Godwineson

GwadrodewynWraith Costume Contest - Gwadrodewyn

KameelWraith Costume Contest - Kameel

MornarethWraith Costume Contest - Mornareth

RunesdaegWraith Costume Contest - Runesdaeg

Who is this?Wraith Costume Contest - Mystery Guest

5 Responses to Wraith Race 2012

  1. Harper says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful party! Sorry that Harpermouse and I could not attend more of it!


  2. Carica says:

    The last one was the most frightening of all.

  3. Runesdaeg says:

    That horrified look on my face has nothing to do with the taxidermied turtle head behind me, and everything to do with Beorbrand’s pants.

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  5. Craicwyth says:

    Being in low graphics mode at the time, I was unable to appreciate the costumes…There were a lot of fantastic ones! Mornareth and Belegfeld in particular are a real treat to see (Beorbrand’s Tom Bombadil looked fantastic to me even at the time.) I am also better able to see the deficiencies in mine; those boots are horrible!

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