Reputation Steeds

Dark Chestnut (Wardens of Annuminas)

Barn name: Peach/Tuffy
Above: Rambler
Liver Chestnut (Men of Bree)

Barn name: Poppy/Rusty
Above: Fletch
Eglan-horse (Eglain)

Barn name: Freckles/Speckles
Above: Cricket
Esteldin (Rangers of Esteldin)

Barn name: Harmony/Damsel
Above: Clover
Free People’s (Angmar)

Barn name: Unbroken Will/Unbroken Spirit
Above: Fortis
Inn League (Michel Delving)
Barn name: Shindig

Barn name: Guzzler/Tipsy
Above: Shindig

Barn name: Riverwind/Lovely Lady
Above: Riverstone
Mathom Society (Michel Delving)

Barn name: Calamity/Mirth
Above: Jinx
Rivendell (Elves of Rivendell)

Barn name: Copperleaf/Copperhide
Above: Kestrel

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