Class/Special Steeds

Steed of Bright Days

Barn name: Powder Blue/Powder Puff
Above: Topaz
Steed of the Dusk-Watch

Barn name: Lonesome Glory/Thumper
Above: Starchaser
Green-Clad Steed of the Gap

Barn name: Jewel/Emerald
Above: Hemlock
Noble Grey

Barn name: Cloudy/Hazy
Above: Chalcedon
Painted Skeleton (Glowing)

Barn name: Lantern/Leaf
Above: Raven

Barn name: Beauty/Sunshine
Above: Serenity
Steed of the Horse Lords

Barn name: Timmy
Above: Harbinger
Steed of the Hunter

Barn name: Longshot/Trapper’s Guide
Above: Pathfinder
Lossoth Horse (Whistle Version)

Barn name: Primrose/Spark
Above: Snowfoot
Marrow Painted Steed

Barn name: ???/???
Above: Unknown
Steed of Minas Ithil

Barn name: Stormer/Charger
Above: Stardust
Steed of Night

Barn name: Midnight/Shadow
Above: Firesong
Red-Clad Steed of the Gap

Barn name: Ruby/Fire Topaz
Above: Bastion
White-Clad Steed of the Gap

Barn name: Opal/Diamond
Above: Banshee

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