Issue Two


Windy Acres Ranch has moved! We are now located at Chestnut Street #9 in Raglan, the kin neighborhood of Bree-land! The ranch is in the northwest corner of the neighborhood. As always, the chests are open with furniture, cosmetics and party supplies. Please return clothing after copying it into your wardrobe, thank you!

The riding club needs a definitive set of rules for track and steeplechase races. What is the best way to signal the start of the race? How should judges verify that checkpoints were properly reached? What is the most fair way of judging who won the race? Please reply with your suggestions.


Let’s get together for the LMB Riding Club Turkey Chase! Our next event is on Sunday, December 4th at 9pm EST at the ranch. After food and music, there will be a horse race in the nearby countryside. The prize is a code for 1600 Turbine Points! Volunteers are needed as checkpoint judges and musical performers. Sign up today!

On Sunday, November 27th at 10pm EST, Steeplechase in the Shire will be hosted by the Crafting Union.
“The last Sunday of the month is approaching so the Crafting Union will be running our monthly steeplechase, this time in the Shire. We’ll gather at our start point somewhere in the Shire (announced that evening) at 9pm (US central). Once the group is gathered, the leader will switch to a character who is at the finish point and reclaim lead so the finish point is clear to all on the map. All ride and the first to get to the finish and open trade wins a prize (as do second and third). It’s a straight race — no ports, no maps, no rental horses. The finish is often not quite where it appears on the map as Grintin can be a tricksy dwarf, but he does stay in one spot the whole time; knowledge of terrain in the less traveled parts of the zone is usually of benefit as there might be short cuts.”


This month’s featured horse is the Prized Mathom Society Horse. This is a white horse with black spots, black markings, a black mane and tail, and olive green tack. To buy this fine horse, you must reach Kindred reputation with the Mathom Society by collecting Mathoms (300 rep), Well-kept Mathoms (700 rep), and Gift Mathoms (700 rep). The best way to earn mathoms is by questing in Hobbit lands, especially Northcotton Farm. You can also find them on wights in the Barrow-Downs. If you are a cook, the Mathom Society may have crafting quests for you. There are rumors that tomb-robbers in Evendim have them, as well as enemies in Angmar and the Trollshaws.

Mathom Society Steed

Check the chest in the trophy room of the Windy Acres Ranch. There are often extra mathoms inside. If you need Mathom reputation, feel free to take them. If you are already Kindred and have extras, please drop them off to share with fellow Banders.


* If you’re bouncing on your horse, it’s bad for his back and looks terrible. Quickly hit the Insert button twice in a row to get back in sync with your mount.

* Holding the space bar down on a jump makes your horse leap a little farther.

Riding club races will now be judged on the rider crossing the finish line, rather than the horse. This should compensate for an inherent disadvantage to those riding ponies.

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