How To Judge A Race

There are three types of judges – finish line, checkpoint and pace riders.

All judges should adjust their settings so that they can see the floating names of riders. Titles, kinship names and other floating text should be turned off. These cause clutter in screenshots and make judging the race more difficult.

If you are a finish line judge, you will watch the riders on the map to make sure that none of them use wayfaring skills during the race. (The green dots on the map should move smoothly along the course route.) As the riders near the finish line, close your map view. Be positioned to watch the riders complete the race. Stand so that the two items marking each side of the finish line are lined up on your screen. These are typically fence or lamp posts. Pull back your camera view so that you can see a wide area. As the rider’s cross the finish line, take a screenshot. If your computer is fast enough, take several in quick succession. These screenshots are vital to properly determining the outcome of the race.

Checkpoint judges have two tasks. First, you will need to take a screenshot of the lead riders passing your checkpoint. This is how we catch cheaters who try to bypass a checkpoint. Second, you must determine if they passed the checkpoint according to the course rules. Make sure that you understand how the checkpoint must be navigated by the riders. Do they pass it clockwise or counter-clockwise? Are they allowed to jump over obstacles? If you have any questions, ask the race coordinator before the event begins. During cross-country races, a checkpoint judge may be asked to move to a second location after all riders have cleared their original location. Make sure that you have the ability to reach the second location in time – this may require that your milestone skills are not in cool-down or that you have visited a particular stable.

Pace riders are judges that ride along with the participants. A pace rider should never be in front or lead the way, since each rider faces the challenge of finding the best path between checkpoints. Whenever possible, pace riders should use fast horses or swift goats (168% speed mounts). This will help them stay near the front of the race. Pace riders should take screenshots of the lead riders when approaching checkpoints, and make sure that no riders violate the rules by switching to fast mounts.

All judges should monitor the raid group to make sure that no riders activate speed-enhancing buffs. As a general rule, riders are asked to cancel all buffs to make this easier. Review your screenshots as soon as possible. Report any problems you see once the race is finished. Be prepared to share your screenshots (via post or email) immediately after the race.

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