Spring Races

View courses for the Bywater Steeplechase or the Fool’s Derby.

Bywater Steeplechase

Winter Derby Race Map

The race begins at an imaginary start line drawn between two posts with red drapes, out in front of the Green Dragon Inn in Bywater.

Only a few lengths away, riders must pass the post with the blue drape near the brick house. After that, they can head any direction to the first major checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1 is a ruined dias in Bridgefields, passed clockwise:
Checkpoint One

Checkpoint 2 is a gap in the Bridgefields Wall, near a well:
Checkpoint Two

Checkpoint 3 is the Stocktower, passed clockwise:
Checkpoint Three

Checkpoint 4 is the eastern gate of Woodhall:
Checkpoint Four

And finally, the riders return to the finish line at the Green Dragon Inn!

Fool’s Derby

The Chetwood Cup is run at the Fool’s Derby. This is the first qualifier race for the Spring Racing Carnival. Click here for the race map.

A clockwise pass means riding with the checkpoint on your right.
A counter-clockwise pass means riding with the checkpoint on your left.