Last Sweet Day

Sung by Kebrin at Fort Hold Gather, Autumn 1,252
Chapter 1, Episode 3.4, “Accidental Zealots”
To the music of Fáinne Geal an Lae
Performed by Ian Perkins (Louisiana, USA)

This morning early I walked on
While my dragon was in a dream
The last sweet days of summer bloomed
And cloaked the trees in green
Then rising high in the gleaming sky
Between the stones we set
Came a fearsome gray from so far away
And the Red Star’s ancient threat
So I called my men to follow me
Knowing well that the view was dim
Though tired and worn, our Weyrmen they fought all morn
As Thread was closing in
And my heart was heavy though full of pride
For brave lads all were they
As the dragons fly, how they climbed so high
At the dawning of the day
But the edge was moving faster still
All silvery in the sun
Their unyielding hearts calling out to us
My riders, one by one
Escaped their scores in the endless cold
Returning to the Fall
Flaming dragons dove and the ashes burned
Above Weyr and Hold and Hall
Forgive me my love, I’m going now
To join my men between
When bronze dragons fly, you’ll feel me near
And hear me in their keen
There’s no need to grieve us when we are gone
We live in memory
‘Til the Red Star’s end and we meet again
Far beyond the western sea
‘Til the Red Star’s end and we meet again
Far beyond the western sea

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