Music can inspire imagination and swiftly propel the narrative forward.  It can lift mere dialogue into the realm of poetry.  It is a special link between the storyteller and players, helping to bring everyone into a shared emotional experience.

Here are links to official songs and the game soundtrack.

Official Pern Music

Nonsuch” – Instrumental with hammered dulcimer.
Whistle Tune” – Penned by the Masterharper during his apprenticeship.
Red Star Passes” – A classic since ages lost in time.
Last Sweet Day” — Performed by Ian Perkins.

Game Soundtrack

Listen to “Chapter 1 Theme – Childhood and Hall training.
Gather at Fort Hold” — Kebrin and Toria attend their first Gather together.
Walk the Tables” — Promotion to Senior Apprentice.
Last Sweet Day” — Kebrin performs at the Autumn Gather.
Walking the Tables” — Promotion to Junior Journeyman.
Primal Forge“—An earthquake strikes Fort holdings.
Quake Rescue” — A tidal wave and quake devastate the Ruatha coast.
Firelizards Hatch” — Kebrin and Toria impress firelizards.
Walking the Last Table” — Promotion to Senior Journeyman.

Kebrin’s Tale
The Silent Weyr
The Firelizard Guitar
Leaving Home
Harper Days
Gather Dance
Moving the Herds

Tanivel’s Tale
Volcanic Depths

Toria’s Tale
The Wherry Attacks
A Special Find
Letter From Healer Hall
First Dragon Ride
Investigate Further
Inky Stash
The Red Dream
Visions of the Void

Listen to “Chapter 2 Theme – Young adulthood and posting to a Hold.
Posted to Keroon” — Kebrin and Toria must put their well-trained skills to use.
The Hephaestus” — A famous ship transports Kebrin and Toria to Keroon.
Investigation” — Dangerous events unfold at Keroon Hold.
Gather Stalls” — Goods are available from far and wide.
Hidden Cache” — A strange and ancient cache is found.
First Runnerbeast Ride” — Kebrin and Toria are taught how to ride.
Renegades” — A posse tracks down those responsible for the plot.
The Holders Attack” — Lord Sandemar takes the blame.
Fall Announced”  — Drummers and runners bring news of the impending Pass.
Agenothree” — Smiths and ground crews rediscover ways to fight Thread.
First Fall at Keroon” — Too few dragons combat the silvery menace.
The Inner Caverns Reopen” — Masons fulfill their promise that “everyone fits”.
Wedding” — Kebrin and Toria tie the knot.

Listen to “Chapter 3 Theme – Life doesn’t always go where one expects.
Searched” — Kebrin and Toria will stand the sands.
Ista Weyr Welcome” — A homecoming for one, a different world for another.
Hatching” — Dragons hum and eggs shake.  It’s finally time!
Dragonets” — Sleep, eat, bathe, oil, sleep…
Consolation” — Kebrin performs in the lower caverns for weary men.
Weyrling Class” — There’s much more to dragonriding than fighting Thread.
Small Steps” — The dragonets glide in the bowl.
T’ria’s Premonition” — Unscheduled Fall over the Weyr.
Broken Soul” — S’deri dies of threadscore and Nemiath goes between.
First Flight” — A dragon and rider’s first mounted flight is a magical time.
Go Between” — A dangerous but important milestone in a weyrling’s training.
H’den Is Gone” — H’den and Wurinth don’t return between from the Red Butte.
Moving Day” — Weyrlings move into private weyrs.
Weyrling Training” — Preparation for fighting Thread.
Vera’s Gone” — ‘Vera and Arcadith are lost between during a storm over Telgar.
Firestone Day” — The dragonets become dragons.
Rope Drills” — Combat drills test both rider and dragon.
Collision” — F’lian and Kiazuth are lost after colliding with P’ven and Parth.
The Empty Weyr” — Memorial for F’lian and Kiazuth.
First Solo Flight” — A rider, their dragon, and the endless sky…
Island Paradise” — A trip to Garoway’s childhood home on a tiny island.
Weyrling’s Wing” — The weyrlings finally fly as a unit.
First Fall” — The weyrlings deliver firestone to wingriders.
Queen’s Wing” — The weyrling’s first look at a full Fall.
Graduation Day” — The Weyr celebrates the promotion of new wingriders.
Combat Wing” — The graduates fly Fall with their assigned combat wings.
Spring Games” — K’brin and T’ria fly “three-vees” with veteran dragonriders.
Mia Remembered” — ‘Mia and Delimoth are lost during Fall over Nerat.
Promotion” — K’brin and T’ria are promoted to new ranks.
G’red’s Goodbye” — G’red and Ruvinth go between together to escape the pain.
Close Call” — Mastertanner Hall honors the dragonriders who protected them.
Gather Dance” — K’brin and T’ria attend Autumn Gather at Ista Hold.
Stormy Fall” — Selenath is scored during threadfall in a thunderstorm.
Cothold Celebration” — Cotholders gather at Katz Field for T’ria’s visit.
Garoway’s Legacy” — Garoway passes, honored by dragonkind.
In Our Hearts” — Karthen gives Garoway’s final gifts at Turnover in Benden.
Double Fall” — Istan riders volunteer to assist High Reaches Weyr.
Memorial” — G’mar begins an annual tradition of honoring the fallen.
Winglight” — T’ria senses off-schedule Threadfall, Belior wing responds alone.
Hunger” — The Lords meet after refugees flee starvation in northern Nerat.
Dedication” — Nerat farmers refuse to leave their fields during Fall.
Selenath Rises” — T’ria’s green Selenath rises to mate at Ista Weyr.
Dark Key Turned” — T’ria discovers a secret symbol and unlocks a vision.

Listen to “Chapter 4 Theme – Duty and obligation shape a hero’s life.
Founding Day” — K’brin becomes the leader of Faranth’s Wing.
The Queen Rises” — Senesta’s gold Maranath rises for the first time.
Majesty of the Sands” — Maranath broods her first clutch of eggs.
Conclave” — The Lord Holder’s Conclave meets.
Lord Holders Vote” — The Conclave decides the fate of K’brin’s family.
Meant To Be” — The Conclave awards K’brin custody of his children.
Daughter’s Duty” — Repudiated by Harper Hall, Eurielle returns to Ruatha.
Through A Child’s Eyes” — The children are welcomed to their new home.
End of Watch” — ‘Sara and Camlith take their last journey between.
Blood of Heroes” — Weyrlings and children see Fall over Ista Weyr.
Ring of Voices” — The power of the strange blue stones is revealed.
Eveningstar” — N’rion sacrifices himself to deliver the Book of Crossings.

Listen to “Chapter 5 Theme – The stars have aligned for a final heroic journey.

Part One
Kalisith Rises” — ‘Zana reveals her heritage at Benden Weyr.
Bitran Handfasting” — An old friend finally settles down.
Cattledriver” — Seliana of Keroon agrees to move to Ista Weyr.
Memories” — Master Zemel of Healer Hall passes.
Night Fall” — A rare nighttime Fall nearly cripples Ista Weyr.
Black Day” — Lord Holder Renatus of Ista passes.
Noble Wedding” — Lord Colton marries Lady Margery of Ista Hold.
Take Flight” — Maranath’s weyrlings attempt their first mounted flights.
One Moment” — Maranath’s weyrlings learn to travel between.
Crisis” — M’nie’s green Liseath becomes ill learning to chew firestone.
The Good Fight” — Liseath dies of firestone poisoning, M’nie is mindlost.

Part Two
Another World” — Faranth’s wing travels from Great Isle to Varlada.
Carindas” — Faranth’s wing rediscovers their ancient home.
Woodgate” — The wing searches for their secret contact at a village.
Findmar’s Home” — K’brin and T’ria find their first Lorekeeper.
Thydee’s Cabin” — Thydee meets dragonriders of a different sort.
Frozen In Time” — The wing searches an alien landscape.
Mystery of Landarfal” — A sacred shrine may hide Zamruda stones.
The Black Dragon” — Trespass and be burned alive by dragonfire.
Labyrinth” — A subterranean maze is deceptively simple to solve.
The Shrine of Landarfal” — The goal is just another step on the path.
Syfrin Valley” — Another cache sends Faranth’s Wing back to Pern.
Friend or Foe” — The Wing faces an outpost dressed as Carindi riders.
Syfrin Outpost” — The Holds have united on the southern continent.
Let None Survive” — A wing of Carindi riders attacks the outpost.
Zamruda” — A tangible reward for all the training and sacrifice.

Part Three
Galatia” — Faranth’s wing returns to Varlada.
Exploring Cythera” — A village nestled in the fork of a crooked river.
Lorekeeper Shindra” — A Galatian contact becomes their guide.
Idalia” — A pleasant village at the base of a waterfall.
Capella” — A sprawling city that looks surprisingly familiar.
The Hypogeum” — A musical wonder from ancient times.
The Fields of Capella” — Another component of the Elixir of Two Moons is found.
Novandal’s Lab” — An elderly alchemist aids Faranth’s wing.
The Minstrels” — K’brin reconnects with Pern’s musical heritage.
The Shrine of Idalia” — Faranth’s Wing learns Idalia’s deepest secret.
Goldfire” — An attack of shock and awe destroys a village.

Part Four
A Sky Full Of Dragons” – Maranath’s ’64 clutch begins formation flying.
Red Rain” – Volunteers help with rope drills.
A Sacrifice Remembered” – One year anniversary of N’rion and Erenath’s sacrifice.
Ioneth Rises” – Telgar’s junior queen rises to mate.
Old Friends” – Friends from Fort Weyr visit L’nos.
Savage Ambition” – Murder at a mating flight.
Numenon” – Dress rehearsal of Harper Hall’s newest show.
Distant Skies” – Clutchmates take a memorial flight.
A New Turn” – Faranth’s Wing celebrates Turnover.
Turnover At Ruatha Hold” – Mending fences at Ruatha.
Turnover Revelry” – Kevlen and Shireya enjoy Turnover with their grandparents.
Present Premonition” – Shireya reveals her growing psychic talent.
Family” – K’brin and Corona feel Seliana’s baby kicking.
Empty Sands” – Ioneth dies while egg heavy on the Telgar Weyr sands.
Spring Competition” – Spring Games begin again.
Come Home” – T’ria and Selenath are nearly lost forever.
Weyrwoman” – Elowen of gold Ziareth becomes the new Weyrwoman at Fort.
Liviath Rises” – Ista’s senior Queen rises unexpectedly.
The Nursery” – Faranth’s Wing and the twins prepare Seliana’s quarters for a baby.
Test of Courage” – Maranath’s ’64 clutch flies firestone replenishment over Keroon.
The Burdens of Duty” – G’mar mourns the death of W’sor and Vurth.
His Heart Was Willing” – T’vin suffers his first wing loss, P’sal and Evianth.
Skydance” – Shireya asks T’ria to teach her to communicate with firelizards.
The Cold Hearth” – Headwoman Norilla passes away.
Transfers” – Fort and Benden Weyrs send aid to Ista.
New Life” – Liviath clutches 16 eggs, including a gold.
The Miracle” – Seliana gives birth to a healthy baby boy.
Baynos Wing” – The new wing flies their first Threadfall.
Ryleneth Rises” – Benden Weyr’s junior queen rises to make.
Liviath’s Hatching” – Arliasa impresses gold Verdeth at Ista Weyr.

Part Five
Kirengar” – Faranth’s Wing explores a new Dominion in Sakaria.
The Village of Zellai” – The villagers are curious but unafraid.
Lorekeeper Jianya” – The Wing meets their contact.
Garden of Wisdom” – The wingriders get a glimpse into their own hearts.
Bohran Attack” – Faranth’s Wing becomes unwelcome visitors.
Tooth and Claw” – Kirengari dragons fight more than Thread.
Commander Garaam” – A potential ally makes himself known.
Fortress Modaisa” – Kirengari dragonriders live very different lives.
The Dragon Throne” – Faranth’s Wing meets their hostess.
News From Afar” – Distant friends and allies have suffered much.
Negotiations” – The Wing works out a trade agreement.
Petitioners” – Candidates are not Searched in Kirengar.
Satakam Temple” – The heart of Kirengari culture is revealed.
Fortress Thusdo” – Faranth’s Wing visits with a second Dynasty.
Naktenfeth Rises” – Thusdo’s junior queen rises to mate.
Thusdo Evening” – The Wing is left to succeed or fail on their own.
Queen Daiyu” – The Wing attends a postponed meeting.
Oath Of The Dark” – The Dynasty follows a new path into the future.
Signed With Blood” – An alliance is formed with the Chingfa.
Luck And Skill” – Faranth’s Wing socializes with their hosts.
The Bone Flute” – K’brin learns from Princess Siri.
Purification Ritual” – The Kirengari prepare to face the Dark.
The New Way” – Faranth’s Wing demonstrates it is worthy of respect.
Into The Dark” – K’brin trains warriors to travel between.
“Lamentation” – The Kirengari wing loses a rider.
Test Of Battle” – Travel through the Dark is used in combat.
Kirengari Tactics” – Members of Faranth’s wing learn dragon combat.

Part Six
Chonlam” – The wing visits a seaside village.
Underground Market” – Vendors tempt the new arrivals.
Assassin” – A killer targets the wing’s healer.
Seadiver” – Firelizards and divers hunt for Firepearls.
Firepearls” – The pearls have an unusual quality.
Still Here” – N’rion returns for a single moment to comfort his family.
Falling Star” – A meteor impact is cause for sacred celebration.
The Pursuit” – Selenath rises to mate over Chonlam.
Quiet Contemplation” – The search for elixir ingredients is over.
Observatory” – The wing visits Lindley Observatory.
Lindley Spectres” – The mystery of Neathas Mountain appears.
Ruxon” – A nearby town sells Ruxon Spar.
Shanty Town” – Survivors of the Woodgate massacre have a new home.
Return to Capella” – The wing seeks out Lorekeeper Findmar.
Welcome Guests” – Findmar and Shindra meet with the wing.
Terenmor” – An endless sea of broken plains awaits.
Dayadir” – One town still bears the Sakarian heraldry.
Lorekeeper Vanavar” – The Spectral Moon marks a special home.
Uldrizishi River” – A prominent landmark aids the wing’s search.
Kirengari Violence” – A Terenmori patrol attacks the tresspassers.
Bloodstained” – T’grim, V’dos, and T’ria make their first kills.
The Winding Stair” – A stone-carved stairway leads into darkness.
Sepulcher” – A massive underground cavern hides Pern’s true history.
Inner Tomb” – The Navigator’s sarcophagus is found.
The First Dragonrider” – Faranth’s Wing learns about the first Impression.
Sorka’s Message” – Sorka sends a warning and a challenge.
The Artifact” – Sean leaves advice for future generations.
Siri’s Farewell” – The wing prepares to leave Thusdo.
Sojourn” – ‘Mala stays behind to remain a useful wingrider.
Return To Pern” – The wing is greeted at Great Isle.
Absent Friends” – The courage of T’grim, V’dos, and ‘Mala is celebrated.

Listen to “Epilogue Theme – The future of Ista Weyr is secure.
Elixir Council” – Weyrleaders meet to discuss the Elixir of Two Moons.
Weyr Council” – The fate of the burned library is revealed.
Between The Earth & Sky” – K’brin and T’ria’s three-vee wins the Spring Games.
Weyrleader” – A rider is promoted to lead Narion Weyr.
Warriors” – Narion Weyr’s riders must be open to new ways.
Eurielle’s Wedding” – Lady Eurielle marries at Ruatha.
Will Of The Weyr” – Malasanth’s flight influences Benden’s future.
Destiny” – T’vin gives K’brin a difficult task.
Alchemy” – T’ria brews the Elixir of Two Moons.
Sands of Hope” – Maranath’s clutch breaks records on Ista’s sands.
The Spark Within” – Kevlen is searched to stand the sands.
Valenth’s Legacy” – K’brin’s dragon watches 46 offspring hatch at Ista.
Tomorrow’s Heroes” – Kevlen’s impression fills Faranth’s Wing with hope.
Revelry” – Faranth’s Wing and family celebrate the hatching.
A Quest Fulfilled” – K’brin leaves Ista Weyr for the last time.
Narion Weyr” – The new Weyr celebrates its official opening.
Finale” – Our story is finished!