PC Sheet: Tanivel

Player: Adam
Character: Tanivel
Age: 12
Home: Sea Cliff (Minor hold)
Total Points: 43
Unspent Points: 5
Personality: Restless, Earnest, Friendly
Eyes/Hair/Height: Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes, 5’2″, 120 lbs
ST: 9
DX: 11
HT: 11
IQ: 9
HP: 8
FP: 10
Will: 8
Per: 10
Damage (Thr): 1d2-2
Damage (Sw): 1d-1
Parry: n/a
Block: n/a
DR: 0
Basic Lift: 16
Basic Spd (HT+DX/4): 5.5
Basic Move: 5

Climbing — DX/Avg (4) DX+1
Hiking — HT/Avg (1) HT-1
Jumping — DX/Avg (2) DX+0
Lifting — HT/Avg (1) HT-1
Running — HT/Avg (2) HT+0
Swimming — HT/Easy (2) HT+1
Masonry — IQ/Avg (1) IQ-1 (T:HB)
Mining — IQ/Avg (1) IQ-1 (T:HB)
Geology — IQ/Hard (0) (T:HB)
Architecture (T:HB)
Chemistry (TL-4) (T:HB)
Sailing — IQ/Avg (1) IQ-1
Hobby: Poultry Farming (IQ-E) (1) IQ
Survival: Forest — IQ/Avg (1) IQ-1
Leadership — IQ/Avg (0)
Savoir Faire: Hold — IQ/Easy (1) IQ+0
Scrounging — IQ/Easy (2) IQ+1
Fishing — IQ/Easy (1) IQ+0
Hunting — IQ/Easy (1) IQ+0
Net — DX/Avg (1) DX-1
Sling — DX/Avg (2) DX+0
Sports: Wrestling — DX/Avg (4) DX+1
Sports: Ball-Games — DX/Avg (2) DX+0
Brawling — DX/Easy (1) DX+0
Throwing — DX/Avg (1) DX-1
Area Knowledge: Sea Cliff — IQ/Easy (2) IQ+1

Farcaster (5)
Talent: “Hold-Builder” (5)
   (Architecture, Chemistry (TL-4), Geology, Masonry, Mathematics, Mining)
Absolute Direction (5)
Fit (5)
Less Sleep: 1 hour (2)
Temperature Tolerance (1)
Contact: Miner — 18: Fairly Often, Gronaden; Sea Cliff Minesmith Master (3)
Contact: Geologist — 15: Quite Rarely, Beldon; Sea Cliff Minesmith Master (1)
Contact: Fisher — 15: Quite Rarely, Maletin; Father (1)
Overconfidence (-5)
Light Sleeper (-5)
Congenial (-1)
Dislike: Flatfish (-1)
Distinctive Feature: Large scar on forehead above right eye (-1)
Distractable (-1)
Proud (-1)

Detailed Appearance:
Tanivel is an athletic, rough and tumble child. His brown hair is kept cut short, and his green eyes shine with an inquisitive nature and friendliness. His frame is lanky at the moment after a recent growth spurt. He appears to be mainly of European descent, but has a touch of South-East Asian heritage that shows in the shape of his eyes.
He has a noticeable scar on his forehead over his right eye. When he was 10, he slipped and fell while climbing in the hold and scraped his head badly enough to need stitches. It’s far from the only time he’s been injured, but the others didn’t leave noticeable scars.

Small pack, three scraps of cloth he can use to wrap things in, glows in a glow pouch, sling and stones, a net, a poking stick in case he doesn’t want to touch something with his hands first, sweetsand in a pouch, a pouch with a few shells from the beach he uses to mark things in the caverns, ten feet of rope, a blanket, and several bits of twine.

Tanivel was born and raised in Sea Cliff hold. He’s the son of a fisherman (Maletin) and a poulter (Sonda). While he respects his father, he has no interest or talent for the work, though he’s picked up a few things. He’s got a good group of friends, and they often find themselves wrestling or playing ball at the beach during their free time. His true love has been exploring the hold itself and the lower caverns connected to it.  His parents and other adults have tried to talk him out of it, especially after he was injured pretty badly when he was 10. Over time, he has earned the grudging respect of the Minesmith Master at the hold, and his second who specializes in Masonry, by proving he can take care of himself more often than not, and by finding the occasional useful thing digging around in the caverns.
Goals and Hopes:
He hopes to be able to explore new areas one day while fulfilling his duties to society. He understands making himself useful both as selfless duty, and a selfish way to increase the chances of getting what he wants. He also hopes to be a better friend one day, even though no one would really call him a bad friend now.
Fears and Obstacles:
He worries about his easily distractible nature and lack of any really close friends. While the other kids like him, and his physical abilities are good enough to keep most wanting him on their team, his solitary time in the caverns has kept him from becoming anyone’s best friend.  He’s starting to see that most adults have to settle down at some point, and worries about becoming bored with life.