World Info: Weyrs

A Weyr is the home of dragons, their riders, and support staff.  The duty of a Weyr is to fight Thread when it falls over their assigned area, protecting the residents and property from destruction.

Each Weyr is led by a Weyrleader and Weyrwoman.  Although the leaders of all Weyrs meet in a Council of Weyrleaders, each Weyr is independent.  Each Weyr has between 50 and 200 dragons, with 175 to 700 working residents. In the days of Threadfall, a Weyr at full force had over 400 dragons.

Beneath the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman are Wingleaders, Wingseconds, Weyrlingmasters, senior Wingriders, junior Wingriders, Weyrlings, and support staff. The Weyrleader’s Wingsecond often acts as a Weyr-second, though there is no official title.  There are also “oldtimers”, dragonriders who are too old to fight Thread but are still useful to the Weyr.  They are often posted to Holds and Halls and sometimes act as Search riders when there are eggs on the hatching grounds.

Weyrs are built into the craters of extinct volcanoes. The lower levels are used for the great hall, kitchen, infirmary, general living areas, and storage. Most individual dragon weyrs are built into the sides of the caldera and can only be reached by dragon. The weyrs of the top ranking riders can also be reached by spiral staircase or passageways.

A Weyr receives tithe from the Holds they protect, in the form of goods, livestock, and marks.  The rate was 10% during Passes, primarily paid in livestock and grain.  Firestone was one of the most important goods sent to a Weyr.

Even though a Weyr only protects certain areas, its riders often have friends in other areas and spend time outside of the Weyr’s territory.

heraldry-weyr-fortFort Weyr

  • Protects Fort Hold, Fort Sea Hold, Harper Hall, Healer Hall, Hold Gar, Ice Lake Hold, Peyton Hold, Plateau Hold, Ruatha Hold, Ruatha River Hold, Southern Boll Hold, and Weaver Hall.
  • Located in the mountains of the southwestern peninsula.
  • The first Weyr with the smoothest rock carving.  Carved from white and pale rock in a crater with a pointed end.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader S’gar of Relianath, Weyrwoman Jonara of Feyneth, gold rider Laena of Chelbeth.

Benden Weyrheraldry-weyr-benden

  • Protects Bayhead Hold, Benden Hold, Bitra Hold, Fork Hold, Greystones Hold, Half-Circle Sea Hold, Lemos Hold, Valley Hold, Winecraft Hall, and Woodcraft Hall.
  • Located on the east coast near the northern Barrier Range.
  • The second Weyr, with the most practical layout.  Built within a double volcanic crater, forming an oval that narrows in the middle.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader G’faen of Jerosith, Weyrwoman Shanira of Tamarath, gold rider Farwyn of Malasanth.

High Reaches Weyrheraldry-weyr-highreaches

  • Protects Balen Hold, High Reaches Hold, Keogh Hold, Lewis Hold, Master Sea Hold, Misty Hold, Nabol Hold, Ogren Hold, Pars Hold, River Bend Hold, Sattle Hold, Seacraft Hall, and Tillek Hold.
  • Located in the northwestern mountains.
  • The third Weyr and the last built during the first Pass.  Built in an ancient caldera with seven tall stone spires, at the highest elevation.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader J’lared of Vaergeth, Weyrwoman Caterin of Nimaleth.

Igen Weyrheraldry-weyr-igen

  • Protects Big Bay Delta, High Ground Hold, Igen Hold, Keroon Bay Delta, Mastertanner Hold, Plains Hold, Red Butte, and Southern Telgar Hold.
  • Located in the south central region, dominated by desert terrain.
  • The fourth Weyr.  Carved from orange rock, with a western wall worn into strange shapes by the sand.  Supplied by Igen and Keroon Holds.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader L’rad of Chalkoth, Weyrwoman Bellora of Kyloth.

Ista Weyrheraldry-weyr-ista

  • Protects Beastmasterhold, Big Bay Hold (Igen Sea Hold), Gar Hold, Ista (Sea) Hold, Katz Field Hold, Keroon Hold, Nerat Hold, Red Sands Hold, Rocky Hold, and Sea Cliff Hold.
  • Located on Ista Island, directly south of the middle of the coast.
  • The fifth and smallest Weyr.  Carved from black stone.  Part of the volcano wall has collapsed with a view of the bay.  Very few dragons remain at Ista.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader G’mar of Delfeth, Weyrwoman Daena of Liviath.

Telgar Weyrheraldry-weyr-telgar

    • Protect Campbell’s Field Hold, Crom Hold, Far Cry Hold, Greenfields Hold, Hold Balan, Masterminerhold, Mastersmith Hall, Miner’s Hold, and Telgar Hold.
    • Located in the central northern mountains.
  • The sixth and youngest Weyr.  It was originally a mining Hold, with caverns cut by miners.  Very few dragons remain at Telgar.
  • 1,250 AL: Weyrleader D’fel of Sevenath, Weyrwoman Vanorica of Mirakith.

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