PC Sheet: Kebrin

Player: Eric
Character: K’brin (Kebrin)
Age: 27
Home: Ista Weyr
Total Points: ???
Unspent Points: 1
Personality: Serious, Inquisitive, Introspective
Eyes/Hair/Height:  Striking Hazel / Neatly-cut Brown Hair / 6’0″ 
ST: 13 (30 points)
DX: 14 (80 points)
HT: 12 (20 points)
IQ: 15 (100 points)
HP: 13
FP: 12
Will: 16 (5 points)
Per: 16 (5 points)
Damage (Thr): 1d-1
Damage (Sw): 1d+2
Parry: ??
Block: ??
DR: Usually 0
Basic Lift: 29
Basic Spd: (HT+DX/4) = 6.5
Basic Move: 6
Dragon Name: Valenth
Color:: Brown (Dark walnut)
ST: 55 (Base for a brown is 50; 15 pts)
Limb ST (ST-5): 50
DX: 13 (base for a brown is 11; 40 pts)
HT: 12
HP: 58
FP: 16
Length: 91′ (85′ is base for a brown)
Thrust: 5d+2
Swing: 8d-1
Size Mod: +7
ST/HP Discount: 70%
Very Fit (15 pts)

Absolute Direction Sense (5 pts)

Damage Resistance (5 pts)

Instrument – Guitar (IQ/A) – 2pts = IQ+2 = 17*
Instrument – Viola (IQ/A) – 2pts = IQ+2 = 17*
Instrument – Tenor Flute (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+2 = 16*
Instrument – Drums (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+2 = 16*
Drum Code (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Trivia – Harper Signs and Codes (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Singing (HT/E) – 1pt = HT+2 = 14*
Dancing (DX/A) – 1pt = DX-1 = 13
Music Lore (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+2 = 16*
Music Composition (IQ/H) – 2pts = IQ-1+2 = 16*
Performance (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+2 = 16*
Drawing (IQ/A) – pt = IQ-1 = 14
History (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Woodworking (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Leatherworking (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Leadership (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+1 = 15**
Diplomacy (IQ/H) – 1pt = IQ-2+1 = 14**
Fast Talk (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Administration (IQ/H) – 1pt = IQ-2+1 = 14**
Management (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+1 = 15**
Politics (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1+1 = 15**
Economics (IQ/H) – 1pt = IQ-2+1 = 14**
Weyr Duties (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Dragon Lore (IQ/A) – 2pt = IQ = 15
Savoir Faire – Weyr (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Savoir Faire – Hall (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Savior Faire – Hold (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Current Affairs – General (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Current Affairs – Weyr (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Heraldry (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ = 15
Area Knowledge – Ista Island (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Area Knowledge – Ista Holdings (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Area Knowledge – Fort Hold Region (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Area Knowledge – Keroon Hold Region (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Hiking (HT/A) – 1pt = HT-1 = 10
Running (HT/E) – 1pt = HT = 11
Riding:  Runner Beast (DX/A) – 1pt = DX-1 = 12
Riding:  Dragon (DX/A) – 2pt = DX = 13
Navigation:  Aerial (IQ/A) – 2pt = IQ = 15
Swimming (HT/E) – 1pt = HT = 11
Climbing (DX/A) – 1pt = DX-1 = 12
Sailing (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Survival – Jungle (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Survival – Desert (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Brawling (DX/E) – 2pts = DX+1 = 14
Knife (DX/A) – 4pts = DX = 14
Knife Throwing (DX/A) – 1pt = DX-1 = 12
Throwing (DX/A) – 1pt = DX-1 = 12
First Aid (IQ/E) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14
Sway Emotions (Will/H) – 4pts = Will = 15
Mental Communication (IQ/A) – 2pts = IQ = 15
Mind Block (IQ/A) – 4pts = IQ+1 = 16
Teaching (IQ/A) – 1pt = IQ-1 = 14

Project Emotion – 15 points (Mind Control 50; Only Emotions (-50%), Unconscious only (-20%)).
  • Costs 1FP per use.
  • Works line of sight or touch
  • Lasts while concentrating plus 1 minute per success
  • Target may sense on tie or failed roll
  • +1 if touching target, +1 for willing target, +1 for spending additional Fatigue Point.
Musical Talent +2 (6 skills; 10 points)
  • +2 on all affected skills (Hobby Instrument, Musical Instrument, Singing, Music Composition, Music Lore, Performance)
  • +2 Reaction roll to anyone noticing the Talent (listening to or critiquing music)
  • 20% decrease in time required to improve skills

Leadership Talent +1 (6 skills; 5 points)

  • +1 on all affected skills (Leadership, Diplomacy, Administration, Management, Politics, Economics)
  • +1 Reaction roll to anyone noticing the Talent (listening to Kebrin lead or talk)
  • 10% decrease in time required to improve skills

Fit – +1 to all HT rolls but NOT to HT-based skills; recover FP at twice normal rates – 5 points

Attractive – +1 to all reaction rolls (4 points) (page 21)

Charisma – +1 to all reaction rolls (5 points)

Contact – Weyr Harper of Ista Weyr: Garoway (Effective Skill 15 * Fairly often (x1) = 2 points (page 44)

Contact – Watch-wher Handler of Ista Weyr: Signir of Istnesk (Effective Skill 15 * Infrequent (x0.5) = 1 point (page 44)


  • Sense of Duty – Harper Hall (-5 points)
  • Sense of Duty – Friends and Family (-5 points)
  • Attentive – +1 to lengthy tasks, -3 to notice interruptions; (-1 point)
  • Fascinated by all of dragonkind – Dragons, Fire lizards, and even watch-whers
  • Intensely curious about other people and places
  • Fascinated by history, especially old documents (voices of the past); dreams of one day having his own library
  • Very distinctive multi-colored hazel eyes

Detailed Appearance:
Kebrin has shaggy brown hair, distinctive hazel eyes, lightly tanned skin, an easy infectious smile, and stands an awkwardly gangly 5’3″ tall.  His reflexes still haven’t adjusted to his latest growth spurt, so he often trips, bumps into or otherwise breaks things, etc.
He tries to take it in stride, but privately is finding the whole endeavor horribly embarrassing.
Kebrin prefers to spend his time practicing his music or poring over whatever books he can find or wheedle out of adults, but weyr life combined with his love of exploring the dusty Weyr’s many abandoned chambers keep him reasonably fit and tan.

  • Guitar in protective case
  • Maybe a book or two, and music carefully transcribed onto a few loose sheets of paper
  • Cheap writing kit and at least a few sheets of paper, or at least scraps of paper that can be reused
  • Nice belt knife, given to him by one of his father figures at Ista Weyr
  • Small camping axe
  • Large leather backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Relatively small oiled cloth (6’x6′), for use as ground cover or rain fly in bad weather
  • Change or two of clothes, plus personal grooming basics
  • A couple of days of practical travel rations (hard cheese with protective wax coating, jerky or other dried meat, flour or dried beans, dry crackers or twice-baked bread, a little bit of purified vegetable oil or solidified animal fat, and maybe even some honey cakes or oatmeal cookies)
  • Waterskin or stopperable gourd on a strap; can also be strapped to backpack
  • Glows stored in a small glow pouch
  • Flint or firesteel and ample supply of tinder, for lighting camp and cook fires, torches, etc.
  • Small ball of sturdy string; useful for things like rigging a small canopy to sleep under, fashioning improvised torches, etc.

NOTE:  Most of Kebrin’s equipment is noticeably well-worn because it is second (or sometimes third… or fourth…) hand, inherited from the ample but musty stores of Ista Weyr – a carryover from when many more people filled it with life, laughter, and song.

Kebrin is one of the painfully few children born to the dwindling Ista Weyr in recent years.  As a result, he has never lacked for adult company and supervision but seems very serious and focused for his age and has a hard time interacting with other kids.  He would have been the center of attention even if his unusually sharp wit and musical aptitude hadn’t been discovered at an early age. When they were, he was mentored (effectively fostered) by Ista Weyr’s aging Weyr Harper, who never had any children of his own and saw this as an opportunity to pass along some of his skills and accumulated wisdom before he dies.
Many people of the Weyr spend time with Kebrin and even take him on field trips around the beautiful island (and sometimes beyond!), but this mentor is the one who has recently started lobbying to send him to Harper Hall for further education.  Secretly, he just can’t stand the thought of young Kebrin growing up in the lonesome echoing halls of Ista Weyr without more people his own age to interact and learn with.
Goals and Hopes:
Kebrin is absolutely fascinated by all of dragonkind:  Dragons, Fire lizards, and even Watch-whers.  Growing up in Ista Wher, a paradoxically lonely island paradise, has given him very mixed feelings about becoming a dragonrider himself.  He’s deeply envious of the deep bond between rider and dragon – and the ability to travel anywhere you want in the blink of an eye – but also sees that it sets them apart from other men in many ways.
Kebrin has seen wild fire lizards with his own eyes while exploring some of the more secluded beach coves not too far from Ista Weyr, and secretly dreams of Impressing a whole flight of them – or maybe a watch-wher or two – and exploring the world with them as an itinerant Harper.
More practically, he’s very excited but nervous about attending Harper Hall.  He’s seldom been so far from home, and is concerned about things typical for his age:  doing well in his classes so as to bring honor to his Weyr, making friends in this strange new place, etc.
Fears and Obstacles:
Kebrin has a strong sense of history and tradition from growing up in Ista Weyr, and is frightened by the thought of not living up to his obligations.
He’s very nervous about going to Harper Hall, because he’s never lived away from home for a long period of time before – and knows from previous, shorter, trips that he sometimes has trouble interacting with other kids his own age.
He also has a lot of apprehension about being asked to stand the sands one day.  He is deeply envious of the spiritual bond between dragons and their riders, and of the ability to go anywhere that he wants in nearly the blink of any eye (black, blacker, blackest…), but also fears the social isolation.
If you really pressed him right now, he would admit that he subconsciously assumes that one day he will return to Ista Weyr, will probably impress a blue or maybe a brown dragon if he’s lucky, and will replace his old mentor as Weyr Harper – singing songs of the Weyr’s long-faded glory – one day.