PC Sheet: Toria

Player: Holly
Character: T’ria (Toria)
Age: 25 (started at 11)
Home: Katz Field Hold
Total Points: 40+125+165+46=211
Unspent Points:
Personality: Playful, focused, positive
Eyes/Hair/Height: Hazel/Dirty blonde/5′ 6″
ST: 13 (40)
DX: 12 (40)
HT: 12 (20)
IQ: 13 (60)
HP: 13
FP: 12
Will: 14 (10)
Per: 14 (10)
Damage (Thr): 1d
Damage (Sw): 2d-1
Parry: n/a
Block: n/a
DR: 0
Basic Lift: 34
Basic Spd (HT+DX/4): 6
Basic Move: 6
Dragon Name: Selenath
Color:: Green (Hunter)
ST: 43
Limb ST (ST-5): 38
DX: 14
HT: 12
HP: 43
FP: 15
Length: 65 ft.
Size Mod: +6
Thrust: 4d
Swing: 6d+2
ST/HP Discount: 60%
Very Fit (15) – Get +2 to all HT rolls (to stay conscious, avoid death, resist disease, etc). Recover FP at twice the normal rate & lose FP at half the normal rate.
Acute Vision (2) – Bonus to spot things visually, & when doing visual search (like looking for traps or footprints. 2 pts/lvl
Damage Resistance (5) – DR 1

Healing: Humans — IQ-H (4)    IQ=13
Healing: Dragonkind — IQ-H (4)    IQ=13
First Aid — IQ-E (4)    IQ+2=15
Diagnosis — IQ-A (4)    IQ+1=14
Poisons — IQ-H (16)    IQ+3=16
Herbalism — IQ-A (4)    IQ+1=14
Hiking — HT-A (4)    HT+1=13
Running — HT-A (2)    HT=12
Climbing — DX-A (1)    DX-1=11
Brawling — DX-E (2)    DX+1=13
Knife — DX-A (2)    DX=12
Riding: Runnerbeast — DX-A (1)    DX-1=11
Disguise — IQ-A (1)    IQ-1=12
Mental Communication — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Mental Disguise — Will-H (1)    Will-2=12
Mental Sensing — IQ-H (1)    IQ-2=11
Mind Block — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Dragon Lore — IQ-A (1)    IQ-1=12
Leatherworking: Dragonriding Tack — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Navigation: Arial — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Riding: Dragon — DX-A (8)    DX+2=14
Throwing — DX-A (2)    DX=12
Threadfighting — IQ-A (4)    IQ+1=14
Weyr Duties — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Savoir-Faire: Weyr — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Savoir-Faire: Rural — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Savoir-Faire: Healer Hall — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Savoir-Faire: Hold — IQ-E (1)    IQ=13
Area Knowledge: Ista Weyr — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Area Knowledge: Ista Holdings — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Area Knowledge: Keroon Hold — IQ-E (1)    IQ=13
Area Knowledge: Katz Field — IQ-E (1)    IQ=13
Area Knowledge: Fort Hold — IQ-E (2)    IQ+1=14
Survival: Plains — IQ-A (1)    IQ-1=12
Survival: Desert — IQ-A (1)    IQ-1=12
Farming — IQ-A (2)    IQ=13
Sewing — DX-E (2)    DX+1=13
Sports: Ball Games — DX-A (1)    DX-1=11
Swimming — HT-E (1)    HT=12
Hobby (Crochet) — IQ-E (1)   IQ=13
Hobby (Crafting: Lab Management) — IQ-E (1)    IQ=13

Disads (-10 pts total)
Curious (-5)
Sense of Duty: Friends & Family (-5)
Advantages (50 pts total)
Ally: Katz Field Healer — Master Valora (20)
150% point total (10 pts), available quite often (roll of 12 or less) (x2)
Contact: Healer Master Zemel (8)
Effective skill 15 (2), usually reliable (x2), available quite often (roll of 12 or less) (x2)
Fit (5)
You get +1 to all HT rolls (to stay conscious, avoid death, resist disease or poison, etc). This does not improve your HT attribute or HT-based skills. You also recover FP at twice the normal rate
Eidetic Memory (5)
Automatically recall the general sense of everything you concentrate on, and can recall specific instances details by making an IQ roll. Affects recall, not comprehension, and so doesn’t benefit skills. Bonus when GM requires an IQ roll for learning: +5 for Eidetic Memory.
Night Vision (1/lvl) (2)
Ignore -1 in combat or vision penalties due to darkness per level
Dragonkin Empathy (5)
You are unusually talented at reading the motivations of dragonkind, including firelizards, whers, and dragons.  A successful IQ check creates a temporary empathic connection.  You can use social skills on them without penalty.
Startouched (5)
The sight of the Red Star fills you with unease.  You have a knack for sensing when Threadfall will begin.  On a critical Perception roll, you can sometimes sense where it will fall or locate a ground infestation.
Attractive (4)
You don’t enter beauty contests, but are definitely good-looking. This gives +1 on reaction rolls.
Quirks (-5 pts total)
Attentive, likes to explore (always hoping to find an ever elusive firedragon!), likes klah, not squeamish, congenial.

Detailed Appearance:
     Toria has grown up spending an awful lot of time outdoors, being one of the youngest children of farmers. As such, her skin is tanned and has a light smattering of freckles. Her dirty blonde hair, trailing past her shoulders, is often in a braid or bun. Her frame is lanky, not yet affected by the changes of puberty. Not having the occasion or need to dress up, Toria is often found in loose tunics and hand-me-down trousers her brothers have grown out of that show evidence of her growing sewing skills.

     Simple leather pack always holding a basic first aid kit, a few days worth of travel rations (like dried fruit & wherry jerky), helpful herbs and ointments, a small morter & pestle, a change of clothes, glows stored in a small glow pouch, bedroll, waterskin, a few handfuls of sweetsand in a pouch, flint and tinder. Also carries a small dagger (a gift from her father when they sent her to foster at Katz Field) on her almost at all times.

     The fourth of 5 children born to Mielle & Jurant in a small farming cothold beholden to Ista Weyr, Toria grew up helping the family with the day-to-day tasks of running a farm almost as soon as she could walk.
     Growing up with 3 older brothers and on a working farm that saw many animal births/deaths/accidents has given her a strong constitution, and a desire to help those in need. She always felt so bad for the animals in pain and felt good that she was able to help them get better.  Her youngest sibling, Fairron, was born with health issues that has kept him somewhat frail and prone to getting ill rather easily.
     Having many mouths to feed, more than enough sons to carry on the ‘family business’, and likely wanting to increase her chances at finding someone to marry, Toria’s parents sent her to Katz Field to be fostered with a cousin of Jurant’s when she was 9. There she met an overwhelming amount of new people, almost none that she was related to for once!
     Toria can be somewhat shy around strangers, so she spent much of her time at first exploring as much of the area as she could (someone mentioned seeing a firelizard around a pond nearby!).
     Not quite a turn ago, the Healer posted to Katz Field enlisted her help with a horrific mudslide in a nearby cothold, figuring she might have a strong enough stomach from her farming experience to help out. She was right… Toria did so well that Master Valora started teaching her some basic first aid and having her gather herbs as they were needed for supplies. She even mentioned the possibility of sending her to Healer Hall when Toria gets old enough if she continues her studies! She has also made some good friends in the Hold. Some of the kids like to play various ball games and Toria has found it an enjoyable hobby. Another friend, a Drum Apprentice from Harper Hall, tells her the most fantastical news from across Ista and beyond.
Goals and Hopes:
     Working on the farm from a young age has given Toria a taste for healing, having helped nurse sick or injured animals and birth. She’s secretly glad at having the chance to be fostered with Jurant’s distant relation, for she harbors a desire to to something, ANYTHING other than farming…something that helps others. She feels like she’s meant for something else, but doesn’t quite know what! For now, she’s content to explore the nooks and crannies of her new home and get to know some of the people in it.
Fears and Obstacles:
     Toria worries about things like not making any new friends because of her shy nature. She’s quite friendly and a chatterbox once she knows you, but has a harder time opening up to strangers. She worries about her sickly younger brother back home. Toria also frets about not making her family proud and being seen as a ‘simple farmer girl’ by others in the hold.