Fighting Thread

The threadfighting system is fairly straight-forward.  Riders learn maneuvers to flame different configurations of Thread in various weather conditions.  The right maneuver in the right situation safely destroys Thread.

Several attributes come into play during threadfall.  The dragon’s ST and Fatigue affect it’s speed and stamina.  Its DX determines how well a maneuver is performed and how much of a thread clump is burned.  It’s HT and hit points allow it to survive scoring.  The rider’s Will helps resist fear and pain penalties.  His HT and hit points are essential to surviving scoring.  Finally, his Threadfighting skill helps him choose the correct maneuver based on the weather conditions and type of clump that must be destroyed.

Maneuvers and changes in altitude cost Fatigue points.  Larger dragons have more stamina which makes it possible for them to perform well for the entire six-hour threadfall.  Green and blue dragons fly Fall in shifts.

Smaller dragons are more nimble and receive a DX bonus on challenging maneuvers.  However, they face greater danger in turbulent weather.

In an ideal situation, a dragon surges upward toward a falling clump of Thread and incinerates it on the first attempt.  Unfortunately, bad weather or lack of skill can cause the flame to miss the Thread or fail to burn it completely.  It is then up to the rider to decide if he should make a second attempt, ask a wingmate for assistance, or leave the clump to a lower wing or ground crew.  Diving down at a clump reduces the chance of being threadscored but also decreases the chance that the entire clump will be burned.

The play-by-post threadfighting system combines storytelling with basic tactics.  Each hour of Fall, the player can decide how aggressively or cautiously he wishes to fight Thread.

  • Resolute – You are determined to destroy every clump that comes into your zone, even if it involves the most risky maneuvers.  You and your dragon will be completely exhausted at the end of Fall, if not before.
  • Ambitious – You are feeling very confident and don’t want to leave clumps to the lower wings, or perhaps you are covering for someone who isn’t pulling their weight.  You will push yourself and your dragon if it seems necessary.
  • By The Book – You perform exactly as you were taught, taking no special risks.  You are a dependable and predictable wingrider.  You’re no hero but you’ll probably avoid any new scars.
  • Cautious – You or your dragon aren’t feeling confident for some reason.  Any clumps that you can’t catch with the basic maneuvers will have to be flamed by another wing or ground crews.
  • Guarded – You won’t let your dragon get scored this Fall.  If you’re flying in a standard wing, you’ll be a liability, but at least you’re not in any real danger.  You fly like a queen dragon.

You can also specify any special conditions to your tactics.

Using your character’s and dragon’s attributes, plus random rolls for weather and Thread clump configuration, I will determine how well you perform during the current hour and post it.  If you’re still in the fight, you can continue to fight the same way or make adjustments.