T’ria: Epilogue, Journal 3 – Such Great Heights

Spring of 1,267

  • The Search began for Shyvath’s clutch in High Reaches.  N’lan asked for us to come, so we headed there and found many other dragons visiting for a purpose that soon became clear.  There was a formal dinner, in which it was announced that Weyrwoman Caterin would be stepping down and transitioning leadership to J’lara. 
  • A month into the new Turn, a faire of firelizards from Keroon appeared to demand we come!  It was the twins tenth Turnday and Shireya had sent them to us. When K’brin, myself, L’nos, and a few others arrived, we spent time catching up and celebrating the occasion.  Kevlen, it seemed, had been spending time with the Steward and having some trouble with music.  We learned Shireya enjoyed being around all the animals. 
  • Of course, I had to request the Chicken Song later in the evening.
  • Presents were exchanged and a good time was had by all.  I found, with the distance of time, that Keroon had meant more to me than I’d thought. There were so many memories in this place, good and bad.
  • A sevenday or so later, L’nos proposed an audacious plan to myself and K’brin, that we participate in the upcoming Spring Games. The final day would be hosted at Benden this time, and L’nos claimed it was meant to be. The three of us had never participated in a three-vee together and it might be our last chance for quite some time.  If we won, he said, it would be for all the Weyrs. Our wing, after all, consisted of riders from all over Pern. 
  • K’brin said he would check with G’mar to make sure it was alright.
  • When the day for the Games arrived, we had many supporters. Sanli was sitting with Gil, who I’m sure had to explain what was happening to the Kirengari.
  • In the end, our team won, earning a spot in the All Weyr Games! L’nos was beside himself with excitement and it was infectious. 
  • All too soon, we headed to Benden. Round 1 saw us successfully going up against Fortitude Wing of High Reaches. Benden and Telgar won their bouts with Fort and Igen respectively. Telgar knocked out the home team of Benden in Round 2 and then came the heart pounding final round between Telgar and our Istan team. 
  • It was almost all too easy, in the end, for K’brin, L’nos, and myself to come out the winners! I knew it wasn’t, but it certainly felt that way. Elation thrummed through Selenath to myself and back to her in a loop. We were united in our pride for what we had done. 
  • As Benden was ‘Zana’s home, I was able to spend some time catching up with her on the latest news from Faranth’s Wing and other little odds and ends.
  • Shyvath’s hatching at High Reaches was an event that saw Faranth’s Wing receive an invite.  Daena suggested we leave our dragons at home because of the vision, but also because of the fact that our dragons had either been in combat or were exposed to it.
  • G’van was chosen to ferry us over to High Reaches.
  • We spent time visiting with N’lan and he introduced us around to friends of his in the Weyr. A few days later, he returned to Ista and we had a small party celebrating his return. 
  • G’mar announced at a Wingleader meeting that there would be a Weyrcouncil in the middle of spring at Fort, and he encouraged a good showing from Ista. He told K’brin to make sure and dress up for the occasion.
  • I was in a meeting with K’brin about the alchemy research quarters of Narion Weyr – which would need to be decently far away for safety reasons – when L’nos burst in crying out, “Why didn’t you tell me!?”  He had heard a rumor that K’brin would be promoted to Weyrleader, a fact that had been kept quiet.  L’nos was absolutely beside himself, with no desire to be the Wingsecond of a Weyrleader.  He requested a demotion.
  • K’brin suggested, not unkindly, that N’lan might become his Wingsecond when Narion Weyr went active.  N’lan looked surprised but accepted.
  • Privately, L’nos confided to me that he was relieved. As a blue rider, he was unsuited and uninterested in the role of Weyrsecond. He never aimed to go that high in the chain of command and it was too much for him.  We celebrated that he wouldn’t have to.
  • I put in for the position of Weyrhealer at Narion, feeling very strongly that I was meant to be there.  It seemed like the ideal role, after all I’d been through and learned.  If any place on Pern would need the skills I’d been honing, it was there.  K’brin instantly approved the request, saying it was my due.  He did ask if I was sure because the Weyr was located in the middle of nowhere. I was sure.
  • We learned that Narion Weyr would be pulling tithes from multiple Holds, Lord Igen and Lord Ackerleys’ among them.
  • Eventually, enough of Narion Weyr was carved out and built, according to Master Miner Magnus, to hold an official inauguration ceremony.
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