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Parade of Light – Saturday, December 12 from 5-7pm EST

Join us for a festive Parade of Lights on Saturday, December 12 from 5:00 to 7:00pm EST/server on Landroval!

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Charity Auction Details Announced

The Solve-A-Mystery event includes a charity auction to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals through Extra Life. The initial list of items to be auctioned is now available. This list will probably grow before event day.

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Newcomers Dominate Rivendell Run

The 2015 Rivendell Run took place on a clear day in Imladris at the Last Homely House of Elrond. Bright Star provided music and drew a large crowd of enthusiastic dancers. Word had spread across Eriador that only the fastest … Continue reading

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Rivendell Run War Steed Race on September 2 at 9:00pm EDT

Join us for the Rivendell Run war steed race this Wednesday, September 2nd at 9:00pm EDT/servertime. Challenge yourself against a race course featured in the 2015 Spring Racing Carnival! Meet outside the Last Homely House. Music will be provided by … Continue reading

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Horse Racing On Laurelin

Looking for more horse racing fun? Check out the fourth annual Harnkegger Games on Laurelin, running from Monday, August 31st until Sunday, September 6th. Known for its various gaming contests, general merriment and consumption of rather large amounts of ale, … Continue reading

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Solve A Mystery On Saturday, October 24 at 4:00pm

Join us for a Solve-A-Mystery Roleplay Contest and Charity Auction Saturday, October 24 at 4:00pm – 7:00pm Eastern US/servertime on Landroval Meet at Windy Acres Ranch, 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads. Solve a mystery, roleplay, bid on auctions, and … Continue reading

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Weatherstock 7 Winners

The biggest musical event of 2015, Weatherstock 7, is now in the history books. This year, the crowd enjoyed performances by The Runic Knights Orchestra, Les Chantefables, A Rock And A Hard Place, Under The Sunlit Sky, Starlight, The Remediators, … Continue reading

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The Rose Rumbalicious Weatherstock Dance Party

Weatherstock 2015 is only a week away! Enjoy this song by Aegthil of Gondor and the Lonely Mountain Band to get you in the mood. Make sure to come this year as we set a new attendance record!

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Formation Riding Team’s Spring Performance

In case you missed the riding team perform at the 2015 Spring Racing Carnival, here is a video of their routine, complete with Lilikate’s music.

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Weatherstock Concert Series – Live Streams

Thanks to Zedrockk, you can watch the Weatherstock Concert Series via streaming. Here are the videos available so far: June 12: The Grayhawke Band – June 13: Notenzauber – June 16: Runic Knights Orchestra – June 19: … Continue reading

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