T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 30 – Old Friends

Tenth Month of 1,266

  • The Director and others we had met wanted nothing to do with us after we finished our research, so we took our leave with little fanfare and headed towards Woodgate. We took precautions, leaving Shang and Dusati with L’nos at the halfway point to Ruxon, while the rest of us flew onward. We planned to only have two or so people land to bury the items with wooden plaques that M’din had carved. 
  • It was eerie being back in Woodgate, a very different place than we had left. Signs of fire and claw marks told the story of what had happened clearly enough. It was a gut punch in many ways. It didn’t take long for us to find a circle of relatively unburnt trees where people had clearly been buried.
    • After burying Izhora’s ring with the wood plaque in a solemn fashion, we headed to Thydee’s weyr. K’brin wanted to bury the broach in a spot that was meaningful to her. We found a grove that seemed appropriate and K’brin gave a moving speech as we went about burying the broach, and I could hear the influence of the Kinatori in his words. 
  • About an hour later, we left to fly to Capella. We wanted to find Findmar, tell him about the efforts to relocate the exiles, and find Novendal to ask about the Winter Winds recipe and get an update on everything that had happened from his perspective.
  • We went around to local inns, reasoning that it would be the easiest way to track them down, and eventually got directed to the Summer Orchard.
  • We presented ourselves as people other than dragonriders.  I used my disguise talent to appear different and non-descript.  Findmar and Shindra were eating at a courtyard restaurant at the back of the inn. They were garbed in dark blue with an academic’s black overrobes. Once we made our presence known, they were extremely happy to see us. We quickly went somewhere more private to talk openly.
  • K’brin and I caught the pair up on all that we’d done during our second trip.  We shared that, through our alliance with the Chingfa, we had secured material aid for the Resistance, and possibly even an island for them to safely live on.
  • We learned from Shindra that there were more people imprisoned in Galatia than Carindas. Possibly due to the government’s actions against the Kinatori? Idalia had well-known and well-trained craftsmen, so some were imprisoned instead of outright killed like the people of Woodgate.
  • Findmar told us that he had been searching for any trace of the Tomb of the Navigator, something he believed could bring people together even more than the Antiquity Stones. 
    • He explained that around 1,300 years ago, the Tomb was a site of pilgrimage. It was said to be the resting place of the first person to make the crossing between worlds.
    • After the Ambion Rebellion, a group of Galatian dragonriders tried to go to the Tomb to destroy it.  It was then closed to pilgrimage by the Council of Nine.
  • Findmar lamented that the search was going slowly as long-distance travel took time. K’brin suggested dragons would eliminate the travel problem and Findmar was beside himself with excitement. We made plans to pack up and leave immediately, to head to Terenmor and look for the Tomb from the air. Findmar had sketches he had found that, along with K’brin’s knowledge of rocks due to spending so much time with Gil, would help narrow down the possible location of the Tomb.
  • Our window was short, we had two, perhaps three days before the journey home would become impossible. 
  • Shindra was dropped off in Thusdo and left with her fellow Lorekeeper and Oracle, Jianya, so they could discuss the logistics of the new island home of the political exiles with Somchar.
  • Our contact in Terenmor was a Lorekeeper by the name of Vanavar, located in Dayadir.
  • When we asked after Novendal, Shindra said she could only guess where he could be. The Resistance had to stay mobile. Perhaps a trustworthy firelizard could be used to send a message to him?
  • We decided to split up our dragons. Some would go to Terenmor, the rest would escort Shindra to Thusdo and search for Novendal. I suggested to K’brin that each group contained dragons that had combat training, in case we ran into problems. 
  • ‘Zana, T’grim, V’dos, myself, and K’brin would be in the group going to Terenmor. K’brin gave his orders to L’nos regarding what he wanted his group to do, and then we shared the visualization for Dayadir and went between.
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