Experience Points

icon-chestThe main focus of this campaign is story and character development. Good roleplay is essential. Here are the best and easiest ways to earn experience points for your character. Talk to the narrator before spending XP.

  • Act true to your character. Have a distinct and interesting personality. Roleplay your quirks, mental and social characteristics. Allow your character to change over time.
  • Portray a difficult emotion well. Act embarrassed, awe-struck, terrified, and so forth at the appropriate time. Your character’s true quality is revealed through adversity.
  • Enrich a sub-plot by improvising an element of the story. (Make sure these elements do not directly affect the plot. These elements are not worth XP if the narrator has to remove it from the story.)
  • Learn something significant about another player’s character. Don’t travel with strangers. These people have your back.  Ask them questions and ask people about them.
  • Uncover secrets about a non-player character (NPC).
  • Interact well with an NPC, whether they are friend or foe. Treat them like a real person.
  • Discover an important clue and share it with your companions. These must be clues you uncover by asking questions or taking action, not clues you are given freely.
  • Perform a heroic act. If it is memorable or makes a good story, it’s worth XP.
  • Come up with a brilliant idea or plan to help your companions succeed.
  • Significantly help further the main plot or resolve a sub-plot.
  • Teach a skill to another PC, allowing them to spend XP on something new.
  • Roleplay in a way that impresses or entertains the group more than usual.
  • Portray interesting and realistic interactions with your creature companions.
  • Take action through your creature companion(s).  Don’t leave them idle in the background.