Tanivel: Chapter 1, Episode 1.5 – A Flower For Death’s Garden

WARNING: Other players should not read this until Chapter 1 is complete.

As Tanivel waited outside of the office, he thought over the day’s events. It had started as a relaxing and potentially boring day until Levon turned it into an exciting adventure. But now Tanivel waited outside the Mining Master’s office wondering if he was going to get sick before the day was ended.  As he waited for the conversation to end, his brain tumbled over thoughts for himself, Levon, and what he might have done wrong.

Tanivel was almost in tears when his father walked out the office and stood in front of him. Maletin was a reasonably tall man, and clearly father to his son, as they shared many similar features. Except Maletin’s brown hair was bleached by the sun, he had blue eyes, not green, and he smelled of the sea and fish. It was hard for the boy not to seek comfort in his father’s arms

Tanivel attempts to maintain his composure. [Skill check: Will 8, rolled 5]

Tanivel kept it together long enough to notice Beldon looking out from inside the office. Seeing someone else watching hardened his resolve and he stayed seated. “Dad, I’m…”

“You will let me speak first.”

Maletin’s face was stern and his voice was full of anger and concern. “You’ve gotten into trouble again. Your desire to dig in holes needs to get behind your ability to keep yourself safe.” He leaned in and got quieter, “Do you understand?” He waited until Tanivel nodded his head.

“Yes, father.” Tanivel answered timidly. His father’s speech had actual calmed him. He only had to listen and be honest. He could do that.

“Now you can apologize.”

“I’m sorry for causing all of us trouble,” the boy said earnestly.

“Good, now answer whatever questions Master Haelon and Beldon have for you.” Maletin took a step back from his son, leaving space for the other two men to join them.

Beldon stepped into the hallway carrying a large glow lantern, Haelan followed behind him carrying a scroll, but didn’t talk yet. “Alright, how are you feeling boy? Anything feel off?”

“No, sir.”

Beldon turned to Maletin, “If he starts feeling dizzy, throwing up, or turns a bit yellow, bring him to the healer. If he doesn’t, he should be fine.” The fisherman nodded in response.

“Was there anyone else in the cave with you? Did anyone else touch the samples?” Haelan had decided it was time to speak in his commanding, yet quiet voice. He was taller than Maletin, making him much taller than Beldon. The Mining Master was thinner, though he had worked hard in his youth and was still quite active. He had salt and pepper hair that made most men his age jealous.

Tanivel looked up to the tall man, “Levon, sir. He found the cave, actually.”

“We will have to talk with him too. Anyone else?”

“No, sir.”

Master Haelan unrolled the scroll revealing a detailed map of the island. “Can you mark the cave on the map?” Tanivel nodded, and took a moment to orient himself, then pointed to a spot on the map.

How do we decide if it is the correct one? Tanivel has Absolute direction, but not anything like Navigation or Cartography.

GM: It’s not a big island, only about 150 mi long and 50 mi wide.  Sea Cliff is on the smallest end.  Tanivel has spent his whole life there.  He can get fairly close based on map landmarks.

“That should be it, it’s hidden behind Manicata plants. There is a drop down into it.”

“Can you draw us a map of the cave, including where you found these samples?”

“I could try. I could lead you back there myself, for sure. It was in a tidal cavern.”

“That makes sense for copper flower.” Haelan turned to Maletin, “I need to keep him here to make a map. You can stay here if you wish. I will have him escorted home if you need to leave.”

“I do have work I got to get back to.” The fisherman turned to his son, the concern plain on his face. “I will be thinking of some chores to keep you busy.”

“Maybe he just needs to learn a bit more,” Beldon chimed in, uninvited. “I could use a new assistant.” Tanivel did his best not to look excited, which really wasn’t a very good job.

“I will check with the Headwoman and see what she says.” Haelan looked down at the boy with a gentle smile. “Beldon, I think it would be best if you went and found Levon now. Good day, gentleman.” After some quick goodbyes, Haelan led Tanivel into his office to work on the map.

The next few days seemed like a bit of a blur to Tanivel. He returned to classes the next day, and Headwoman Bronwin looked at him with concern but didn’t speak with him about his recent adventures or the copper flower. He didn’t see Levon at classes, and his parents kept him busy with chores when he wasn’t there.

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