Tanivel: Journal Entry 1

A young boy’s internal thought process and self commentary. Regarding events through Tanivel 1.5.

As I waited out outside of Mining Master Haelan’s office, I worried whether I was sick and what I had done wrong. Beldon hadn’t taken the time to explain what had him worried. He mentioned “copper flower”, but even though it sounded familiar, I couldn’t remember what it was. I knew I had messed up somehow, and Levon might be sick too.  I figured someone should have been looking for him.

They made me tell them about the cave, and I told them Levon was in it. They let me go home, so I guess I’m going to be fine.

I still haven’t seen Levon and I’m worried how he’s going to react to this. I’m pretty sure I didn’t give away that he had the anemometer. Could they have realized he had brought it with him to be safe? Are they going to give us that much credit at this point? I probably would have gone into the cave without it.

I was still glad Levon found the cave, there were some interesting rocks and I hit that tunnel snake with my sling. Now I had to worry about Levon being sick, and whether he would be mad at me for telling them he was there. Not that he wasn’t planning on bragging about finding the cave anyway. Of course, that was before the “copper flower”. Which I’ve since found out is dangerous, but not in the way I was worried about. Apparently, you have to touch it a lot to get sick. That’s a relief. Those deposits can probably still be mined if you do it right. I’m sure Beldon knows how.

My parents are worried about me and going to do their best to keep me away from anything interesting for a while. They never got over me hurting my head that one time. Good thing they don’t know I almost fell climbing down into the cave. I mean, I just kicked some rocks loose. It’s not that big a deal. I must remember to not trust the rocks so much and pay more attention to my footing. Levon is probably going to hold that against me too.

I wonder what Haelan and Beldon will make of that Peridot. We did find something worthwhile, that should be good for something. Come to think of it, Beldon never let me know what the other crystals were. The “copper flower” kept him from talking about anything else. They were fascinating, I will have to ask him about them later. Assuming I can get free to see him anytime soon.

I still can’t believe Levon beat me across that cavern. I thought I had him for sure. Would I have won if I did something a little different? Maybe gone around or over different bits of the uneven floor. I bet I won’t be losing many races to Levon once I’m as tall as him, maybe not even before then.

I wonder if they are going to let me or Levon go back into the cave. He’s older than me, so maybe him. He was taking good notes too. He’s always so good with those sorts of details and mapping out the twists and turns. I wonder if I can learn to do that like he does. Not that I ever get lost. It’s just hard for me to explain it to others sometimes. I should pay more attention to what he does if there’s a next time. I tried to make a good map for Master Haelan, but I’m sure Levon’s will be better.

I do want to go back in that cave. Maybe with some good sticks in case we see that tunnel snake again. I bet there was something important past where we stopped. I’m sure people will say it’s just like so many other caves, but everyone of them is special. It did seem natural and unexplored, that makes it even more special. Though I do like finding old things other people left behind too. I’m not sure whether I like forgotten or undiscovered better. They are both interesting, and better than rock halls people are in all the time.

I didn’t mention the anemometer, so things should be find between Levon and me, maybe. I hope he’s okay. I don’t want him to be sick.

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