Tanivel: One Letter (Early Chapter 1, Episode 2)

For Bonus XP 2

Dear Father and Mother,

I hope you are well. I have made it safely to Keroon and am beginning to settle in here. The Hold is so much larger than Sea Cliff, and more crowded too. So much of the land here is given over herdbeasts it feels like is no place left to explore. I even heard most of the old tunnels are sealed. I have been busy with my apprenticeship and classes in the evening. It seems so weird they do evening classes here. I’m learning from a Harper’s apprentice named Farinton. I knew things would be different here, but I am adjusting quickly. I’ve even made two friends already.

Vanket is a smith’s assistant and hearing him talk about metal work is pretty interesting. Apparently, many of the other boys are jealous over his position, so he’s glad I’m not. A lot of the boys work with the herdbeasts, there are some other mining and mason’s assistants though. They are a little jealous of me getting to work with Master Borgen. I’m sure they’ll come around though.

Ralitsa is a weaver’s daughter and apprentice. She’s older than me, almost out of our age group. She’s taken it upon herself to make sure I fit in to the Hold. She’s nice and knows a lot about the people in the Hold and upcoming events.

It turns out wrestling isn’t as popular here. There ball game is different, so I have to adjust. They do like footraces and climbing though.

Mom, I really am fine. I promise Master Borgen is keeping me safe and out of trouble.

Dad, please give my thanks to Master Gronaden and Beldon. And give Levon and Colbar my greetings if you see them.

I miss the sea air and smelling fish instead of herdbeasts all the time. I miss you too.



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