Ancient Caches

icon-journalThe Pernese ancient ancestors have hidden a variety of treasures, secret passages, and cryptic messages in the oldest great Holds.  After weeks of searching with the help of firelizards, several strange clues have been discovered.  Here are the images and texts found so far.

MUSIC: Chapter 2

Benden Hold – The cache had a “claw” symbol.  A strange scroll seemed to contain nothing important, unless a talented individual concentrated on it.  With determination, the scroll was shown to read, “The lore keepers intentionally destroyed our origins so they wouldn’t have to lie.  What if we are dooming the future by forcing our descendants into ignorance?”  The cache also contained an 8″ tall faience chalice.

Fort Hold – The stone was carved with a “scythe” symbol.  Inside, a brittle scroll read, “Truth is unlocked by the three made one.  Look upon the mark and remember.”
High Reaches Hold – In a high, unused tower where firelizards like to sun themselves, behind a stone with the “scythe” symbol, a scroll was found that read,

“Two horns resound to stir the heart
One of wood and one of stone
The oak horn summons an iron storm
The alabaster horn, a sea of fire”


Igen (Sea) Hold – In a seldom used passage, behind the “hook” symbol, rested a fragile scroll and a heavy metal ring with a pin stuck in a hole.  The scroll read, “For the sake of your children’s children, dissent.  Shed the curse of this knowledge to preserve peace.”  When the ring was pulled free, a heavy stone fell, revealing a new passage.  Beyond a narrow ramp, a spherical room with a small flat floor was waiting.  The walls were painted with pale dots, perhaps constellations.

“Old” Ruatha Hold – The first cache was found behind a “claw” symbol.  The remnant of a scroll read, in beautiful calligraphy,

“Not through words, nor strength of arms
The swift shadows cast upon the land
Dispatched by flame, a feast of ashes
In discipline and unthinking frenzy”


In a less artful hand, someone wrote below the poem, “Prophecy tells us what may yet be, not what should.”

Southern Boll Hold – Toria’s blue firelizard River reported seeing the “claw” symbol from a green firelizard.  The green looks to someone from Southern Boll.  This cache is unclaimed.

The three symbols:

The chalice:

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