Timeline – Chapter 5

icon-journalHere is an overview of the events of Chapter 5, which began in late Winter of 1,264.  The campaign is currently in late Autumn of 1,265.  Events are organized by year and season.  Minor encounters are not included.  Click here for the soundtrack.

Turn 1,264


  • An invitation to Mitch and Josinia’s wedding at Bitra Hold arrives for K’brin and T’ria.
  • Lord Wylan of Ruatha marries Duvessa of Fort Hold.
  • ‘Zana’s green Kalisith rises to mate.
  • Maranath’s Summer ‘64 weyrlings venture away from their dragonets for an hour at a time, in uniform.  Some riders choose to meet them.
  • At Turnover, Mitch marries Lord Freymar’s grand-niece Josinia at Bitra.
  • Faranth’s Wing hosts a private Turnover party.

Turn 1,265


  • Seliana moves to Ista Weyr to study as a dragonhealer, asking for an apartment with a view and a firelizard egg as part of the contract.
  • Lady Diviana of Ruatha (Eurielle’s younger sister) marries Quinton of Ruatha River Hold.
  • A letter and small gift box arrives for T’ria from Bryka of Healer Hall.  Master Zemel passed away in his sleep at age 79.  He was replaced by Master Engrum.
  • Igen Weyr’s gold Kyloth of Bellora rises to mate and is flown by R’ker’s bronze Telorith again, after concerns leadership might go back to L’rad of Chalkoth or to wingsecond T’nar of Forgarth.
  • Shireya and Kevlen celebrate their eighth Turnday on 2/2.
  • Seliana begins to show up for dinner at Faranth’s Wing’s table on Saturdays.
  • Weyrlings watch the Spring games.  Senesta disappears for most of them due to nausea and fatigue.
  • N’sel’s three-vee goes to Telgar to compete in the All Weyr games on the final day. Benden, Ista, and Telgar Weyr win top prizes.
  • A rare night Fall over Verdant River decimates Ista Weyr.  K’brin is blooded and T’grim arranges a celebration.
  • A week after the night Fall, healer Master Elgan has a stroke and dies due to heavy use of stimulants.  The dragons mourn him.  He is replaced by a newly promoted Rianne.
  • Faranth’s Wing celebrates their first anniversary of Founding Day.
  • Lord Renatus dies of heart failure.  Bronzes and browns perform an honor fly-over during the funeral.
  • T’ria is asked to help teach Maranath’s weyrling class on dragon and human health care.
  • Lord Colton marries Margery, daughter of Riansara and Stefan, granddaughter of Lord Renatus and Lady Volanda.  K’brin and T’ria attend.
  • The firelizard eggs hatch.  Sanell impresses harvestbell (Harper) blue Toccata and Seliana impresses blazing gold Corona.
  • Senesta has a noticeable baby bump and the official announcement is made.


  • Over an evening game of cards, B’dir asks everyone if he should check if he has children worth bringing back to the Weyr to stand the sands.  D’ryn sputters, N’sel doesn’t take him seriously, R’nal blames K’brin, and T’gan is encouraging.
  • Seliana asks K’brin about having children and attempts to further the relationship.
  • Search begins for Kyloth’s eggs in Igen territory.  One egg in a clutch of 25 is gold.
  • Master Lancaster finds time to visit Mountainview Island.  K’brin discovers that Tumar is dating Raife. At Harper Hall, Masters Salinda of strings and Verola of dance begin work on a new production involving K’brin’s “Song of Ista Weyr”.
  • Kyloth’s hatching takes place at Igen.  ‘Mala, K’brin, and T’ria attend.
  • Maranath’s Summer ‘64 clutch begins unmounted gliding in the bowl.
  • The first sets of Carindi rider and civilian clothes are finished.  T’grim objects to wearing them, feeling it’s dishonoring Sorka and Sean.
  • Maranath’s Summer ‘64 clutch begins unmounted field flights.
  • Senesta’s belly is basketball sized and friends can feel the baby kicking.
  • K’brin is asked to teach Maranath’s weyrlings about diplomacy, Weyr and Hold relations.  He also gives tips on dating at a Weyr.
  • G’mar lets G’van speak at the wingleaders meeting about the latest batch of weyrlings, reminding everyone that T’gerian of Pelioth, B’tron of Golanth, and N’mir of Talzenth must receive the bulk of their attention and training, as they are the most valuable.
  • T’ria’s green Selenath rises to mate at a hold on Ista Island.


  • Maranath’s Summer ‘64 clutch begins their first mounted flights in the bowl.  The excitement is palpable. That night, they celebrate in the living cavern.
  • A week later, the weyrlings go between to the Red Butte.  Some riders leave the island to avoid feeling the emotional backlash if one is lost.  Green Nefanth and A’nia are lost on initial trip out.
  • K’brin is asked to play for mourning weyrlings.  Shireya and Kevlen ask why some dragons don’t come back from between.
  • Two weeks later, the weyrlings move into private weyrs.
  • The weyrlings begin ground drills.  Riders quietly wonder who will excel.
  • K’relen is allowed to return to his post at Ruatha Hold, a year and a day after the children were taken.
  • Senesta gives birth to a healthy, blond-haired, blue-eyed boy named Jayvin.
  • The weyrlings begin individual firestone training.  M’nie’s green Liseath sickens of firestone poisoning and suffers greatly.  Despite Weyr-wide efforts, she dies the next morning.
  • ‘Zana’s green Kalisith rises to mate.
  • The Archer constellation’s “arrow” comet strikes the Brazier.  Faranth’s wing travels to Sakaria.


  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch begins formation flying.
  • Seliana gets morning sickness.  Shireya asks about it, since the dragons know.
  • Lord Wylan’s wife, Duvessa of Fort Hold, gives birth to a daughter in Ruatha.
  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch begins rope drills.
  • One year anniversary of N’rion and Erenath following the constellation to bring back the Book of Crossings.
  • Telgar Weyr’s junior queen Ioneth rises to mate.  K’brin and other brownriders are invited. She is flown by P’lar and brown Andoth.
  • Search for Ziareth’s clutch of 21 eggs in Fort’s holdings.  L’nos’ friends A’lar and ‘Jory visit him at Ista while out on Search.
  • High Reaches Weyr’s junior queen Morianith rises to mate. She is flown by wingsecond K’san of brown Peregrith.  There is a deadly fight between two riders (B’ley of Talvoth and N’fren of Karlith).
  • A memorial is held for all those lost in 1,265.
  • Harper Hall begins dress rehearsals of the dance and music show, “Numenon”.  K’brin and his wing are invited to attend, along with a handful of high ranking guests.
  • For Turnover, the weyrlings are allowed to fly alone, without supervision or scheduling.  The Weyr watches them leave for that first, magical solo flight.
    • The survivors of K’brin and T’ria’s clutch decide to fly together for old time’s sake.
    • Faranth’s Wing has a private Turnover party.
  • K’brin spends his first Turnover with his in-laws at Ruatha.
  • “Numenon” opens for three shows at Harper Hall.  It is widely attended.

Turn 1,266


  • Shireya and Kevlen celebrate their ninth Turnday.  Eurielle visits. Shireya uses her talent to figure out the contents of the presents before they’re opened.
  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch begins combat drills at all hours with long shifts.
  • Seliana’s baby can be felt kicking.  Her gold firelizard Corona is fascinated.
  • L’nos and B’dir ask T’ria to team up for the Spring Games 3-vee competition.
  • Telgar Weyr’s junior queen Ioneth dies while egg heavy due to complications.  Her rider Eldana takes the last draught that day. A funeral is held the next morning.
  • Spring Games begin.  Maranath’s weyrlings ask to join.
    • A’dan’s blue Soralth collides with Selenath. T’ria suffers a concussion and is nearly lost between. The twins help Selenath escape before they freeze to death.
    • Intra-Weyr competition on the third day is hosted at Fort to introduce visitors to the new Weyrwoman, Elowen of Ziareth, after Jonara and Feyneth step down.  S’gar of bronze Relianath remains Weyrleader until next mating flight.
    • K’brin and his wing are allowed at Fort Weyr for announcement, but L’nos won’t go.
  • Ista Weyr’s gold Liviath rises to mate and is flown by G’mar’s bronze Delfeth.
  • Seliana’s tummy is like a basketball.  The wing and twins build a nursery in the corner.
  • Faranth’s Wing Founding Day – 2 years as a wing.
  • A’dan is still getting hazed for the collision at Spring Games. T’ria steps in to stop it.
  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch flies their first Fall, firestone replenishment over Keroon.  Ground crews are extra attentive to the youngest riders.
    • Green Vurth of W’sor is fatally scored tossing firestone to G’mar.
  • At the Wingleader’s meeting, leaders and seconds are asked to start picking weyrlings.  Faranth’s Wing considers expanding.
  • Search for Morianith’s clutch of 19 eggs in High Reaches’ holdings.
  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch flies trailing edge.  Green Evianth of P’sal is lost between during sweeps.
  • Shireya asks T’ria to teach her how to talk to all firelizards and summon them.
  • Maranath’s summer ‘64 clutch flies Queen’s Wing and graduates, adding 1 bronze, 2 browns, 4 blues, and 5 greens with only 4 green loses.


  • Headwoman Norilla passes peacefully in her sleep at age 84, mourned by the dragons.  Everyone gathers and shares memories. Oswina takes over officially.
  • Seliana has a hard time sleeping.  She has to constantly remind Shireya not to wake the baby by “talking” to it with talent.
  • Ista accepts 4 transfers from Fort and 10 from Benden Weyrs, bringing the fighting dragon total to 78 at Ista.  Igen and Telgar also accept transfers.
  • Liviath begins clutching for 22 days.  16 eggs with one gold. Most eggs show signs Liviath is aging.  It’s her last clutch.
  • Seliana goes into labor pre-dawn on 7/12 and gives birth.
  • Telgar Weyr’s gold Mirakith rises to mate and is flown by D’fel’s Sevenath.
  • T’vin is promoted to Wingleader of the newly formed Baynos wing.  Ista Weyr finally has a Flight of three Wings with 25 riders each.  K’brin throws him a wild party in Keroon, as T’vin wants to be wild one more time before taking up his new responsibilities.
    • T’vin chooses N’sel of brown Genaroth as his wingsecond. Most new riders are assigned to more experienced Timor and Belior wings.
    • Ista holds a Weyr-wide celebration, inviting Hold and Hall friends.
    • B’dir is officially released to join Faranth’s Wing, leaving Baynos wing.
    • First Fall with Baynos wing in the formation. Faranth’s flies Queen’s Wing.
  • Search for Liviath’s clutch in Ista’s holdings.  PCs asked to search. (22 eggs, 1 gold)


  • Benden Weyr’s junior gold Ryleneth rises to mate.  K’brin and other brownriders face heavy competition, and many minor collisions due to insufficient wingspace.  They lose to V’kim and brown Venrith. K’brin stays overnight with ‘Zana.
  • Liviath’s clutch hatches in early Autumn.  1 gold, 2 bronze, 2 brown, 5 blue, and 6 green.  Arliasa impresses gold Verdeth.
    • S’van of brown Riyath becomes assistant Weyrlingmaster.  A retirement party is held for V’lir.
  • After 5 weeks, Liviath’s summer ‘66 clutch is allowed to visit with others in the barracks.
  • Senesta and T’vin’s son Kalvin turns 1 year old.
  • 5 weeks later, weyrlings venture away from their dragonets for 1 hour in uniform.
  • Search for Mirakith’s clutch of 22 eggs in Telgar’s holdings.
  • The Archer constellation’s “arrow” comet strikes the Brazier.  Faranth’s wing travels to Sakaria for the second time.
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