Episode 0: How To Post

Here is how you add your own post —

  1. Find the “Write” button at the top right and click it.
  2. Add a title to the post.  Start with the chapter and episode number.  Add or increment a numeric suffix to keep the posts in order.  For example, “Chapter 3, Episode 4.2: F’rel Visits The Star Stones”.
  3. Open the Post Settings window using the dial icon.  Open “Categories & Tags”.  Make sure the correct category box is checked — use “Episodes” for game play.
  4. Add the tag  for your character’s name, location and chapter.  You should not need to create a new tag; try to find the appropriate one on the list.
  5. Write your post.  (See the guide below.)
  6. After a brief summary or the first paragraph of your post, insert a “Read More” tag.  (Top right editing icon.)  Everything above this line will display on the front page of the site.
  7. Click the “Preview” button to make sure you like the post.   Click “Close” at the top left when you’re done.
  8. Click the “Publish” button at the top right.

Once you have posted, check for comments.  I may ask you to modify something to make it fit with the story or genre. I may also make small changes.  I won’t be able to reply with the next episode until your updates are complete.  Once I reply, you should not edit your post, except for minor grammar and spelling corrections.

Here are tips for writing a quality post —

If you have nothing but questions about an episode post, add those as comments.  Don’t post until you’re ready to take action.

  • When you character speaks, put it in quotes. “I love that song.”
  • When your character is thinking to himself, use italics.  “Is she looking at me?
  • If your character is shouting, use bold text.   “Great shells and stars!
  • When mind-speaking to a specific target, use Sea Green: Land near me.
  • When mind speaking to your own creature, add italics.  “Are you thirsty?
  • When projecting thoughts over an area, use Royal Blue: “We’re falling!

(You will see the names in the tooltip when you mouseover the color selections.  You may need to click “” to Toggle Advanced and open the full formatting menu.)

Prefix out-of-character comments with “>OOC:” which should automatically put a box around the text once you press Enter.

OOC: This is an out-of-character comment.

If your character is attempting something that requires a skill or roll, list the relevant skill(s) and rank(s) in square brackets.  For example, “I sneak down the hallway as best I can [Stealth 14].”  If you aren’t sure which skill to use, I can pick for you, just add “[Skill Check]” but realize that you’re better off choosing for yourself.  Similarly, ou can perform an attribute check by writing “[HT]“.

Break your posts down into digestible paragraphs.  Don’t write a wall of text.  Consider using Justify text alignment.

The intent is to make the post as much like reading a book as possible, while still making it easy for me to figure out what you want to do.

Click here to read more about play-by-post writing and formatting tips.

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