Kebrin: Chapter 1, Episode 1.1 – The Cormorant

WARNING: Other players should not read this until Chapter 1 is complete.

Kebrin’s mind was awhirl with questions and possibilities as he jogged down stone steps and passages worn smooth – wallowed out in spots – by generation upon generation of dragonmen who came before.

He hadn’t heard anything about a ship coming to visit with them, and rumors traveled fast in such a small and familiar Weyr.  It was the wrong time for a Tithe ship to arrive.  And most messages, visitors, and small equipment arrived on dragonback, anyway.  What was going on?  Maybe the ship had taken damage that wasn’t obvious from a distance?  Or maybe the constant wind was sign that a bad storm was coming, and the ship was seeking shelter in the Weyr’s harbor?

Kebrin paused in a shadowy nook right before re-entering the parts of the Weyr that were still in more common use and forced himself to take a steadying breath.  Garoway had lectured him – recently, and at length – about how he was growing up, and needed to practice patience and restraint.  Now was definitely one of those times.  If he rushed out through the Weyr right now, it was an almost certainty that he would be spotted by an adult and immediately put to work in the kitchens, rearranging furniture, airing guest chambers, or doing something else equally necessary and boring.  He normally didn’t mind chores too much – they all had to do their part to chip in – but such an exciting event certainly counted as extenuating circumstances!

Kebrin spent a couple of minutes staring at the ship on the plateau, looking for any clue concerning why it had come and then just reflected on the freedom – and chance to see the world – that serving on such a vessel represented.  He pondered the best way to get back inside the Weyr and into the Great Hall with the least possible chance of being press-ganged into service.  He counted his mission as successful when he arrived at the Great Hall unburdened by additional chores.

Standing well out of the way, he scanned the faces present for Garoway, Signir, or one of the dragonriders who was usually pretty good about telling him things, or at least letting him linger underfoot while the adults talked.

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