Toria: Chapter 1, Episode 1.9 – The Letter

WARNING: Other players should not read this until Chapter 1 is complete.

Toria exulted as they came within sight of the outer boundaries of Katz Field. Tears pricked at her eyes as she let out a huge sigh of relief. She looked over at Dylan and the shepherds trotting along beside them and broke into a huge smile.

“C’mon, we’re almost there!” she said, happiness evident in her voice.

Their entry into the Caverns was a flurry of activity and emotions until suddenly it wasn’t. Lady Delenthia wasn’t someone she had talked to at length before, but she admired her kindness with everyone, from the highest ranked Lord to the kitchen drudges. Toria felt special to be at the center of attention for once, but also bone tired from the ups and downs of the day. After Delenthia took her and the puppies to the beast healer she felt like she could finally relax. She could tell Pamina would do all she could for them and she would only have to wait a sevenday to see them again!

Toria’s happiness about the puppies gave her a boost of energy for a short time, but the slight throbbing of the injuries she sustained eventually reminded her she couldn’t sink into the soft comfort of her cot just yet. Lady Delenthia escorted her most of the way to the bathing pool, and once she was clean she made her way to Master Valora’s chambers to get her wounds checked on. She beamed under Valora’s praise of her first aid skills. It made her more determined to apply herself to learning about the art of Healing.

She was also relieved to hear that Dylan would heal fairly quickly. If his arm had been too badly injured, he might have had trouble at the drum heights. Toria would feel simply awful that she’d been the one to drag him on this adventure only for him get hurt so bad he couldn’t do any drumming for sevendays or even months.

Before she fell into the open arms of sleep, Toria grabbed a small journal she had kept under her cot.  She wrote out the things Valora had told her about treating her wound so it wouldn’t scar and adding fellis to fruit juice to disguise the taste. Even though she had a knack for remembering things, she kept notes on everything Master Valora had taught her. She fell asleep midway through a sentence.

HEALER HALL! She, Toria, a humble farmer girl from a cothold, was really going to Healer Hall! Master Valora thought she was good enough to become a trained Healer! The thought filled her with fear, excitement, and curiosity all at once.

In the privacy of her sleeping quarters, she pondered what this meant for her.

Healer Hall was all the way in Fort Hold. She’d never been so far away from the cothold she grew up in before. Her stomach churned. Could she live up to the expectations Master Valora had for her? She wanted to be a Healer more than anything, but… what if she wasn’t good enough? Plus, she’d be in a completely new place again, not knowing even one person. It was hard coming to Katz Field at first, but at least she knew someone.

Toria took a few deep breaths and looked over at the wherry claw laying on a small table near her cot. She frowned, thinking how she would miss her friends, especially her foster sisters and Dylan. She hoped they wouldn’t forget her!

As much as she was scared, she was also excited. This was what she’d been hoping for since Master Valora started training her in earnest.  She just hoped she could live up to the belief her Master had in her, enough to recommend her to Healer Hall. But oh, what an opportunity! She could help people and see different parts of Pern while doing so. Healers were respected all around Pern… oh, maybe she would be able to ride a dragon! Healers, Harpers, all sorts of professions relied on the instant transportation of between on occasion.

She also felt badly that Dayfin hadn’t yet been recommended to journey to Healer Hall, guilty even… that she got accepted to Healer Hall and he didn’t. Oh, his father was so angry! It wasn’t like Dayfin was a layabout, he did apply himself to his studies under Valora. Toria would endeavor not to gloat about her good fortune around Dayfin. She would try and encourage him before she left; he could still be recommended by Master Valora after all!

She shot up from her cot with a start.

She needed to pack!

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