Chapter 1 – Conclusion

icon-dragonCongratulations on completing Chapter 1.  The characters have survived a great disaster, earned Senior Journeyman rank, made new contacts, started new relationships, and impressed firelizards.  Here are the XP awards for the final episodes.

  • Tabletop sessions 1-2: Eric 9, Holly 7.
  • Tabletop session 3: Eric 10, Holly 8.
  • Tabletop session 4: Eric 9, Holly 7.
  • Chapter 1 completion bonus: 20
  • Total XP: Eric 48, Holly 42.

Here are the music soundtracks we used at the table:

Quake Rescue — Kebrin and Toria help the victims of quakes and tidal waves.
Firelizards Hatch — Kebrin impresses bronze Chance and Toria impresses blue River.
Walking the Last Table — Kebrin and Toria are promoted to Senior Journeyman rank.

Chapter 2 begins in Spring of 1,256.

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