Timeline – Chapter 4

icon-journalHere is an overview of the events of Chapter 4, which take place from mid-Spring of 1,264 to late Winter of the same year.  The characters are in their mid-20’s.  Events are organized by year and season.  Minor encounters are not included.  Click here for the soundtrack.

Turn 1,264  (Continued)


  • A Weyr Council meeting discusses recent mysterious events and creates Faranth’s wing.
  • Faranth’s wing celebrates Founding Day in a ceremony at Fort Weyr. K’brin is made the official leader.  The wing belongs to all Weyrs and gets a new crest – the Starstones.
  • K’brin is told to prepare Sanell to take over as Weyrharper, as he is technically a wingleader.  K’brin continues attending council meetings.
  • Senesta privately orders T’ria to bring any news of the Elixir of Two Moons to her first.
  • T’grim takes Faranth’s wing mammoth hunting in northern Telgar after learning to fish on the Istan coast.
  • Dowager Gwenfora, former Lady of Keroon and wife of Sandemar, sends a thank you letter to the PCs for uncovering the truth about the inky feed plot.


  • Riders bring out a new table for Faranth’s wing.  The chair backs are carved with a pair of mated dragons, Faranth and Carenath.
  • Masterfarmer Hall reports on crop recommendations after studying the effects of agenothree and Thread.
  • Ista Weyr’s junior gold Maranath of Senesta rises to mate for the first time with an open flight to young bronze riders.  She is flown by T’vin’s bronze Kelovith.
  • Masterminer Magnus is brought to Ista by J’ken of Noraeth, wingsecond to Z’ran of Umbra Wing at Telgar.  Magnus reveals “The Sky Princess” children’s book mentioning Zamruda stones.
  • ‘Mala takes K’brin, T’ria, and L’nos on a raid to the Igen Caverns to free slave girls.
  • Riders sent west discover ancient ruins on East Isle in the Chevron.
  • Faranth’s Wing investigates the last of the great Holds to open ancient caches.


  • Faranth’s Wing explores East Isle, a part of Great Isle, and ancient ruins.  A camp has been set up but living quarters and dragon weyrs are cramped. The Dawn Sisters appear directly overhead.
      • At dinner the first night, Master Bertin suggests that Faranth’s Wing should name the River and Glendon agrees.  K’brin names it “Clearwater River”.
      • A natural chimney is discovered with inscriptions on the walls.  Someone cut a small passage to reach it.  Visions reveal that people fled Fall by hiding in the chimney and were trapped.  They did not survive.
      • The PCs discover a domed  room painted similar to the “Sky Room” at Igen Hold.  Lines connect the stars to make “constellation”s.
      • A fierce sandstorm arrives from the west on the third sundown.
      • A giant tunnelsnake kills Apprentice miner Denton.
    • From the “fireheight”, dragonriders on the Isle experience a vision of the first Threadfall seen by humans, before the underground tunnels were built.
    • From the “weyrs”, dragonriders have a vision of the first time Thread was fought by dragons, with no wing formations or combat belts.  It was chaos in the sky.
  • Tumar sends word with the proper pronunciation and meaning of the words “princess” and “prince”.
  • A letter arrives from the Masterharper informing K’brin that a new Hold has been established under Crom, Aleesa’s Wherhold.
  • Master Sanell becomes Ista Weyr’s official Weyrharper and has a small public party.
  • Maranath clutches for 16 days; everyone is hopeful but no eggs are gold.  There is much excitement in the air, secret betting, toasts to each new egg, crew finding excuses to peek at the sands, and weyrbrats sneaking through tunnels looking for the right one.
  • K’brin visits Eurielle at Harper Hall to ask if she’s willing to bear him children which will be raised in Ista Weyr’s creche.  He learns that he already has twins, Kevlen and Shireya, living at Ruatha Hold.  Lord Gavrien will not give them up.
  • Faranth’s Wing takes K’brin’s twins from Ruatha Hold, barely avoiding conflict.
  • The Weyrleaders ask to meet but Fort declines due to Fall.  Fort Weyr begins running daily patrols over Ruatha “to see if they dip their banners”.
  • Masterharper Cameron arrives at Ista Weyr to “check on the children” and reassure Lady Amandia of Ruatha.
  • The Weyrleaders meet at High Reaches as neutral ground, bringing Faranth’s Wing and K’ton.  They decide to wait and leave justice to a Conclave, if called by the Lord Holders. L’nos transfers to Ista Weyr.
  • T’vin makes fancy wooden dragons for Shireya and Kevlen.
  • A Conclave is called for early Winter to discuss custody of K’brin and Eurielle’s children.
  • Search begins for Maranath’s clutch of 16 eggs in Ista’s holdings.  The PCs help search.
  • Senesta takes Kevlen and Shireya to see the eggs.
  • T’ria’s green Selenath rises to mate and is flown by L’zar’s blue Kosmath.  Meanwhile, L’nos and K’brin take the kids camping on the Keroon plains.
  • Starsmith Master Lambert at Igen Hold finishes his study of the Star Sphere room.  He declares that the stars are in the proper position for 1,252 Turns ago, except the Dawn Sisters which appear directly overhead.
  • The PCs attend Maranath’s first hatching, experiencing it from the outside for the first time.  The psychic emotions are almost overwhelming.  Several of the PCs candidates Impress.  Daena babysits the children in the gallery during the hatching.  The Weyr welcomes 1 bronze, 2 brown, 4 blue, and 9 green hatchlings.
  • Senesta asks K’brin to convince S’van of brown Riyath to understudy as Weyrlingmaster.


  • Maranath’s clutch is allowed to visit with others for short periods of time near the barracks.
  • The Lord Holders Conclave meets at High Reaches Hold to discuss K’brin and Eurielle’s children.  Masterharper Cameron attends but must remain neutral.
  • The votes are tallied — 7 vote for Ruatha, 8 vote to leave the children with K’brin.
  • A repudiated Eurielle asks to return to Ruatha Hold.  Weyr life did not suit her and she cannot remain at Harper Hall.
  • Ista Weyr hosts a beach party to officially welcome the children to their new home.
  • Mala suggests ways to make crossbow practice more challenging.
  • T’gan begins mentoring L’nos on how to be a proper wingsecond.
  • V’dos and steel blue Aranoth are assigned to Faranth’s wing to represent Fort Weyr.
  • ‘Sara and green Camlith, oldtimers posted to Ista Hold, decide to go between due to age as they won’t be able to fly much longer.  She is replaced by C’fael and blue Helmreth.
  • The twins and weyrlings experience their first Threadfall over Ista Weyr.  G’mar reminds everyone who is watching, “so make it count”.
  • Senesta finally gets pregnant by T’vin, having been advised to wait until after Maranath’s hatching.
  • Masterminer Magnus returns with the “Ring of Voices”, a hefty ring with a newly cut Zamruda stone.
  • N’rion and Erenath follow the Brazier constellation, mentally adding more stars.  They return half-frozen days later, drop off a satchel, and then suicide between without a word.  Inside is the “Book of Crossings” with a farewell letter from N’rion.
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