K’brin: Chapter 5, Journal 4 – Bitrans, Brides, and Benden Red

  • T’ria and I wore our best uniforms to the marriage of Master Mitch to Josinia on the first day of Turnover. 
  • Lemos Hold was very pretty during winter, but Bitra Hold was absolutely gorgeous.  Everything was dusted with light snow, lots of colorful pennons hung from he walls to show what guests were in attendance, wreaths decorated many of the walls and doors, and strands of glows had been strung all over.  It was breathtaking.
  • Valenth ‘accidentally’ knocked a bank of snow off onto some people looking up with fright at our dragons on the fireheights.
  • T’ria and I left our gifts (mine was a handmade storage trunk with a bottle of good, hard citrus alcohol from Big Island cushioned inside) on the table set aside for such things, changed into or uniforms, and mingled until the ceremony began.  I learned that Josinia is Lord Freymar’s grand-niece, and that she has a reputation for being patient, tolerant, and smart.
  • Lord Freymar, dressed in a beautiful red brocade coat, presided over a short but beautiful marriage ceremony, followed by a celebratory feast and party.  Per prior arrangement, I played the first song for the feast – a traditional love song that was well-received (Rolled a double crit with 1-1-4; many women cried).
  • After the feast, Mitch briefly introduced us to his wife, “Josie” and went with me to “sneak some beers” for old time’s sake. 
  • Later that afternoon, after Mitch and Josie had excused themselves to consummate their marriage, I enjoyed socializing and dancing with several women.  It had been Turns since I had attended a formal dance, and I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed such dances at Harper Hall.
  • After a few dances, T’ria asked if I would dance with her – for old time’s sake.  Touched, I agreed – and we shared a sweet, romantic dance in remembrance of days gone by.
  • T’ria and I left that afternoon, so the other guests could enjoy themselves without worrying about offending dragonmen. 
  • We visited with Master Karthen the next morning, hosted a party for our ground crews and the weyrfolk of Faranth’s Wing for lunch, and held a private party just for the Wing on the beach that night.  We played ball games on the sand, which gradually gave way to drinking games and friendly gambling as the afternoon wore on.  V’dos set off fireworks as the sun set over the ocean.  A great night was had by all.
  • Since T’grim loves both Keroon Hold and the twins, I asked him if he would accompany me there to keep an eye on the children during the third day of Turnover.  He refused, until he realized it was so I could visit with Seliana “since at least one of us had better be getting laid.”  Later, Shireya told me all about how she had gone to visit with the watchwhers of Keroon Hold – who all knew my name, and welcomed her as kin – and Kevlen told tales of helping “uncle” T’grim spend the night gambling.
  • About a week after Turnover, R’nal approached me to ask if I really thought I could acquire some firelizard eggs.  I told him I knew the general location of a couple nesting sites for certain and could probably find more with some effort.  He requested that I recover at least one, preferably three, to help pay some of Ista Weyr’s debts.  How could I not agree?
  • A few days later, D’lor of Green Kamiweth arrived from Keroon Hold with Seliana.  She was moving to Ista Weyr and would help manage our herdbeasts while training to become a dragonhealer.
  • A day or so after that, I swore my Wing riders to secrecy and then told them the general contents of the Book of Crossings.  M’din had a hard time grasping what I was saying and would undoubtedly need someone else to help re-explain it to him until he got it.  T’grim slammed his fist down on the table while I was explaining how dragonriders rule four of the five Dominions and excused himself before he had another outburst.  My other Wing riders looked grim but said little.
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