T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 2 – This Brave New World

Second Month of 1,265

My head hurts from all I learned today. N’rion’s mission was more successful than we could have hoped. He got us visualization points. We also know the ingredients & recipe for the Elixir of Two Moons. As for the rest of it…. I can hardly believe some of it. Another world! When I was thinking of the “Old World”, I was foolishly imagining something akin to the Southern Continent. But there is a whole other PERN out there, but it’s not called Pern, but Varlada. They have Dominions and different languages and well, there’s quite a lot, and it would be easier to list off everything in a dry fashion, much like my notes back at Healer Hall.

World: Varlada
Empire: Sakaria

  • Dragonriders don’t contract their names, will need to practice with our old names
  • Dragon names and colors are slightly different: Greens are Emerald, Blues are Sapphire, Browns are Dravite, Bronze and Gold remain the same. Emeralds and Sapphires have one syllable names, Dravite and Bronze have two, Gold has three. Selenath will become Selth.
  • Clothing styles differ, buttons and lace are popular
  • Dragon tack is also different, since their dragons fight, that makes sense.
  • After huge “civil war” 1500 turns ago, the Sakarian empire was torn apart into 5 dominions, each with their own completely different forms of government: Carindas, Galatia, Kirengar, Terenmore and Balincor.
  • Ambion Rebellion – named after the town in Carindas Sean and Sorka were from. It was burned to ash after
  • Balincor is the only dominion NOT ruled by Dragonriders. Only fly at night, they have effective ways of killing dragons.
  • The Elixir of Two Moons was once kept ready made, but they only make it now as it’s needed. Zamruda stones are found in Carindas, Silfium flowers in Galatia, Fire Pearls in Kirengar and Saiyena feathers in Terenmor. The care and feeding of the queen dragon after drinking the Elixir is detailed in the book, I’m told.
  • Every dominion has a different way of speaking, called language. Carindas speaks Gairia, which is spoken by all traders and merchants, and is close to the way we speak on Pern. Dragons can communicate with each other, there is no language barrier, so Balincor will present the only problem.
  • Kirengar can be dangerous because they’re paranoid and don’t like visitors, but they have a friendly Lorekeeper.
  • The population of Sakaria is less than we think because of many dangers there, but at least there is no Threadfall.

I really need a drink. Possibly many of them in quick succession. Maybe ‘Zana or ‘Mala… sorry, Remala are available. In addition to all that news Seliana has moved to Ista from Keroon Hold. She will be learning Dragonhealing under Shonara, which is sorely needed. Also, she and K’brin are… I think there’s… *words are scratched out* I’m happy for them, I am. She was always strong and capable in my few dealings with her. It still hurts, not that I try to give voice to it. I wish K’brin all the happiness in Pern. I should seek out my own.

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