K’brin: Chapter 5, Journal 6 – Harpertrue

  • I took copies of N’rion’s and Erenath’s final drawings, along with a biography and some quotes, to Masterharper Cameron.  He complimented whoever had copied these drawings and I awkwardly admitted that I had – to cut down on the number of people exposed to the Old World. 
  • Cameron asked me about Mountain View and why we had selected this site. 
  • I gave him some basic information on Varlada and the Five Dominions, including the fact that each one speaks a completely different language. 
  • Cameron asked what we’d do if we were caught, and I reluctantly admitted that we would jump between if we were on our dragons – and that I was having special Final Draughts prepared, in case we were ambushed away from them. 
  • Cameron said that it’s important to contemplate and plan for these contingencies, but to not dwell on them.  The worst case scenarios may never come to pass and a lot of good things may happen as well. 
  • Cameron asked that I bring back new musical instruments, or schematics for crafting them, instead of just music.  New instruments are much rarer and harder to come by than new music. 
  • I finally worked up the nerve to ask Cameron his opinion of the music I had written after first hearing the songs of Liviath and Maranath.  He studied it for a long while, and then hesitantly said that he thought it was good – but difficult to take in.  I used much obscure notation that was included in our training for sake of completeness.  He also said that it would be difficult to play because of its sheer complexity.  He asked if he could keep the copy he had brought, so that Master Salinda could review it.
  • When I pushed, Cameron reiterated that he thought the work was good.  Probably very good.  He’d need to work with Master Salinda to have her students perform it, so he could see how the symphony actually flowed. 
  • Cameron then retrieved a well-worn guitar and asked me to play as much of the music as I could.  I pondered for a couple of minutes, trying to reduce it down to just what could be played by one person on a stringed instrument, and then started.  He had called Melody and Allegro when I mentioned that the firelizards of Ista Weyr liked to sing along with me, and they joined in enthusiastically on the second half – actually singing, and not just crooning or chirping happily. 
  • I went to speak with Seliana later the same day. She greeted me coolly and pointed out that I hadn’t visited with her in the almost two weeks she had been at Ista Weyr.  I told her the truth:  I was trying to give her time to settle into her new home and job before talking to her about our relationship.  She told me flatly that she didn’t want to have long conversations about our relationship, or to pre-plan everything.  She wants to let things evolve organically and see where they go.  This was genuinely alien to me, since I had to schedule just about everything in my life at that point.  I agreed to try, though, and we decided that we would start meeting regularly for lunch (since most Wings eat dinner together), go on a beach date with Valenth and the twins, and come with Faranth’s Wing on some of our camping trips.
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