T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 3 – Studying The Past

Third Month of 1,265

I’ve been lax in my journaling of late, so much has been going on, as is usual. Most of it is about the planning for the trip the Wing will undertake in Autumn to Sakaria. I have been so busy at times that some nights I don’t even change out of my clothes before I fall into bed

Testing the Phrenium stones (formerly known as the blue stones, now also known as the Lorekeeper’s Mineral, per the book N’rion brought back) took K’brin, Karthen, Gil and myself to Old Ruatha Hold. Gil was there to study the early Hold’s architecture and take note of anything else interesting from a Miner’s point of view. After exploring the Hold, Gil said that it was fairly orderly, but more organic because at that point the digging machines were probably breaking down. K’brin had brought all the jewelry we had, the chalice and even the strange blue glass bracelet from Great Isle. The feeling of oppressive fear that K’brin and I had felt when we were children was still there, but it was not nearly as SCARY as it had once been to us. I suppose we’ve just seen and done so much in the turns since that the feelings in the Hold were not as impactful.

  • Phrenium vibrates when it or the person wearing it is touched by another mind
  • One can become addicted to phrenium and then be unable to use their Talents without it

After exploring the Hold in ‘the place that glows’, we followed the feelings of fear to a pillar of stone that we discovered was seeded with shards of phrenium, possibly similar to the statue we found on Great Isle? We managed to change the fear to a feeling of pointlessness and futility, hopefully still keeping people out of the cave, but not scaring them witless and giving them nightmares at the same time.

Testing out the stones yielded interesting results. 

  • Ring of Voices: Karthen could sense/hear fishermen out on the water, sense but NOT hear dragons. I could hear both the fishermen and Valinth and Selenath talking, which sounded so incredibly different than what I’m used to. I even saw through Selenath’s eyes, which…. was quite the thing. She can see out of both sides of her head and it was hard to process what I was seeing through her
  • Cuff bracelet: helps with mental defenses
  • Pendant necklace detects power and Talented people. With the pendant on, Karthen & K’brin had sharper presences, easier to notice. Gil was forgettable, not easy to notice (sorry Gil!)
  • Ring is most dangerous. It extends both strength and range.

The trip to Sakaria will be the most important and dangerous mission for Faranth’s Wing to date. We’re going to need an enormous amount of resources to get sets of clothes and tack in the styles of where we’re going, time enough to get the various items worn down believably so we don’t stand out, we’ll need to learn as much of the languages as we can and also keep this endeavor as secret as possible.

I’ve been organizing ‘crafting parties’ for the crafting of dragon tack and trying to practice various languages while we’re at it. I don’t want to have to rely on our dragons entirely. In my time practicing diplomacy with Master Karthen, he said I must have confidence in lying, because we WILL need to lie our way through the trip to get all the ingredients for the Elixir. We will need to figure out, also, why Sean & Sorka (and N’rion, later) had to suicide before the hatchlings “woke up”. K’brin thinks it might have something to do with the Dark Key.

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