T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 1 – Be Better Than Yourself

Twelfth Month of 1,264

To both distract myself from dwelling too much on N’rion’s death and bring more to Faranth’s Wing, I’ve been practicing improving my Talents by trying to block out emotions. I have these Talents that not everyone does, and I’ve been more lax than I should in bettering them. K’brin found me a sevenday ago in the Lower Caverns, trying to block out hunger and whatever other tasty morsels of emotion are to be found there. He said he’d received an invitation to the wedding of Mitch and a Josinia of Bitra on the first day of Turnover. I can hardly believe Mitch, the scrawny Harper-in-training I met at Gather and snuck drinks of ale with all those Turns ago is getting married!

A few days ago, we had a Wing meeting to plan a Turnover party. Frankly, I welcome the chance to let loose a little, both at the wedding and the party with the Wing. There’s so much on the shoulders of any Istan Dragonrider, with our small numbers, and on Faranth’s Wing even moreso. We shouldn’t forget to also try and LIVE, too. I struggle with this, more than I should. I’m trying to find some hobbies and ways to spend my time that don’t revolve around being a Dragonrider.

I caught K’brin today and volunteered to read and try to memorize as much of the book from the Old World as I can, but he told me that I should first work on my mind blocking and diplomatic skills so that the contents can’t be taken from me, by force or other means. He had a good point, so I suppose I shall be spending what free time I do have with Master Karthen, Master Sanell or K’brin (assuming he’s free, which I don’t see being very often).

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