T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 4 – Scars Are What Make You Whole

Fourth Month of 1,265

I got word via Runner that Master Zemel had died at age 79. Master Bryka was kind enough to send a letter and also included one of his first mortar and pestles that he had bequeathed to me. It’s quite large for a mortar, a fine mottled brown granite. I have many fond memories of the old man. He was SUCH a stickler for all his lab rules being followed, he would give a journeyman quite the tongue lashing if they didn’t. He was also more patient than I deserved with me when I first got River. Zemel gave me a chance to become a Master, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

The mating flight of Kyloth at Igen should be soon. It’s an open flight and there’s some concern over it because the last mating flight resulted in a change of leadership to R’ker. Hopefully all turns out well.

Fifth month, 1,265

Selenath was injured in the nighttime Threadfall over Nerat 3 days ago, so I have some time to update my journal while I’m staying close to my dragon in case she needs me.

R’ker ended up winning the mating flight at Igen, so there is no change in leadership and Igen should be getting some new dragons soon. Kevlen and Shireya had their first birthday at the Weyr, so the Wing came together to make a big fuss about it. We had a fun evening at the Star Stones. At the Spring Games that were held at Telgar, not only did N’sel’s three-vee take second place, but I found out Senesta is pregnant with her and T’vin’s first child. She’s keeping it quiet until she’s further along. I only found out when I came across her throwing up after leaving the games suddenly.

The nighttime Threadfall was simply awful. It was one of the worst I’ve experienced, honestly. It’s very rare for it to fall at night, and we’re very fortunate that’s the case. Faranth’s Wing flew in the Queen’s wing, because the danger was too great for us to not. Daena even harnessed up, to guide us through jumps with her better night vision. Selenath got scored in her left shoulder and later on her right side, a good number of greens and blues were injured and even T’gan’s brown took an injury on the left thigh and tail. Valenth also ended up taking a hit, and will be out a few weeks, but there was no bone injury, so he should heal well. T’grim considers K’brin properly blooded now. A few days later, we had another loss with Master Elgan. He pushed himself to do too much and worked himself to death by taking stimulants to stay awake. It was just too much for his old body to take. Even the dragons mourned his loss. Rianne will take his place as Master dragonhealer.

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