T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 7 – Looking To The Future

Seventh Month of 1,265

Things are getting more real now. The tailors sent word that our Carendi clothes were ready to be tried on, so we all went to the Island to see how they fit. It was strange wearing something so different than the style and colors we’re used to. T’grim just about lost it, he was fussing at the tailor helping him about how disrespectful it felt. K’brin had to talk to him to calm him down.

I’ve been altering some of the things I’ll be taking with me to be able to secret away items if necessary while in Sakaria, like hollowing out a book, sewing a few hidden pockets in my tack and saddle, creating a false bottom in a water canister. It might all be for nothing, but better to do all this work and not need it then to need a place to securely hide things and not have one.

The weyrlings of Maranath’s first clutch continue to progress. The dragons have begun to take their first awkward flights. I had to insist to Selenath that she was once that awkward too. She didn’t believe me. Meanwhile, Senesta is well into her pregnancy and no complications have arisen. She’s gotten so big! I truly hope I get the chance to become a mother one day, but as a dragonrider of Faranth’s Wing, it’s just not in the cards right now.

Eighth month, 1,265

The weyrlings have had their first loss. The Red Butte flight was today, they were so excited. I remember being in their shoes, it was exhilarating and pants wettingly terrifying all at once. Some of the Wing left to avoid the aftermath, where a loss is… not inevitable, but hardly uncommon. One of the greens, Nefanth, didn’t make it back. I will never forget losing H’den and his blue, Wurinth, on the way back from Red Butte. It was less of an emotional hit for me, since I was older weyrling, and a Master Healer, but we had formed a bond through all the trials and tribulations we had been through as dragonriders of the first dragons born to Ista in nearly 20 Turns.

The starsmiths are keeping a close watch on the sky, and the progression of the Archer firing at the Brazier. The time is getting ever closer. It’s been decided that M’din will wear the cuff bracelet for mental defense. He doesn’t have the mental defenses the rest of us do, and that’s going to be a liability in Sakaria.

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