T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 8 – In The Beginning, An End

Eighth Month of 1,265

A birth and a death. How poetic. Senesta gave birth to a healthy blonde baby boy named Jayvin and not a few days later, an unexpected tragedy occurred while one of the weyrlings, M’nie of green Liseath, was learning to chew firestone. I was alerted to something having gone wrong when I started feeling something off emotionally. Bronzes were sent out to the southern end of the Barrier Range, using nets to bring back large chunks of ice to be put in a pit dug in the ground, in which Liseath was to be placed to help induce her to throw up. I knew what it likely was when I ran out to check on what was happening and smelled a very pungent garlic scent. It’s a symptom associated with swallowing firestone into the wrong stomach. The poor girl was beside herself with worry over her dragon, who was in such agony that K’brin & myself spent hours psychically shielding the Weyr from the emotional pain she was giving off. Liseath just wouldn’t disgorge the firestone, and eventually it got to the point she was breathing in the acidy air she was expelling, which damaged her lungs. We had to knock out M’nie once Liseath died, she was understandably overwrought.

M’nie was showing signs of being awake, but she wouldn’t respond to any stimuli. I checked on her emotional state and I saw signs of her being mindlost… searching for her dragon, haunting the Weyr. K’brin went looking for her in the place that glows and she was so…angry/confused/hurt that she ended up attacking him psychically, with these rainbow looking shards of herself and her memories. I grabbed him out of there before she could do anything else. Daena was able to keep walking her in a loop, she was so out of it she was easy to lead around, and K’brin and I went back in and he managed to get her to go back to her Weyr. She responded somewhat in the physical world, but was largely out of it. She was taken back to her home in Kimmage a few days later, so a healer and her family can decide her fate and care for her.

It was awful, it was exhausting, I slept most of the day following the whole ordeal, and I still would take it all many times over instead of what poor M’nie went through. If it were me, I just… I can’t fathom living without Selenath.

Ninth month, 1,265

Althea sent word that it’s almost time to leave. We’ll be leaving from the Eastern Isle of Grand Isle, making it look abandoned to anyone that might follow us if we have to return swiftly. I may not be able to update my journal for awhile, but I’ll keep notes on all I see and do in this new world. I’m not ready, I know it, but there’s not much more I can do to BE ready. We’ve done all we can think to do.

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