T’ria’s Notes On The Weyrs of Pern

Bonus XP Entry IV

Fort Weyr was the first Weyr created on Pern, after our Varladan ancestors abandoned Great Isle once Thread started. It has the smoothest rock carving, and is located in the mountains of the southwest peninsula. Fort protects Fort Hold, Fort Sea Hold, Harper Hall, Healer Hall, Hold Gar, Ice Lake Hold, Peyton Hold, Plateau Hold, Ruatha Hold, Ruatha River Hold, Southern Boll Hold, and Weaver Hall.

Fort is a fairly conventional Weyr. Being the oldest established Weyr on Pern, it was to Fort that the Dark Key vision lead T’ria and K’brin. Like Benden, they have many Wings at their disposal, and it was Fort that spearheaded the recovery efforts at Ruatha River Hold. Both Healer and Harper Halls are within their protection. Fort riders can be rather harsh to riders they feel have betrayed them.  L’nos was beaten quite severely after his part in the taking of K’brin’s twins to Ista Weyr. They were deprived of a future Queen rider who will likely be quite formidable. Fort is likely benefiting from having Ruatha in its territory, with so much of the Old Blood (“talents”) originating there. Their history of strong Queens is probably thanks to this.

Benden Weyr is the second Weyr established. It’s located on the east coast near the northern Barrier Range and is built within a double volcano crater. Benden protects Bayhead Hold, Benden Hold, Bitra Hold, Fork Hold, Greystones Hold, Half-Circle Sea Hold, Lemos Hold, Valley Hold, Winecraft Hall, and Woodcraft Hall.

Benden had a change in their Weyrleader in 1,255 when R’mar won the mating flight of Tamorath. The Weyrwoman loved G’faen, but the Weyr wanted change.  Benden has, like Fort, a larger dragon population, so they have multiple Wings to fly Thread, that have a fairly military-like feel to them (“Alpha Wing, wooo-ah!”).

High Reaches Weyr is the third Weyr and the last built during the first Pass.  It’s located in the northwestern mountains and is built in an ancient caldera with seven tall stone spires, at the highest elevation. High Reaches protects Balen Hold, High Reaches Hold, Keogh Hold, Lewis Hold, Master Sea Hold, Misty Hold, Nabol Hold, Ogren Hold, Pars Hold, River Bend Hold, Sattle Hold, Seacraft Hall, and Tillek Hold.

High Reaches is the Weyr T’ria knows the least about. She was one of the Istan riders that heeded their call for help during a double Threadfall in 1,262.  It was High Reaches Hold that offered to host the Lord Holders Conclave after the incident with K’brin’s children.

Igen Weyr is the fourth Weyr. Carved from orange rock, with a western wall worn into strange shapes by the sand. It’s located in the south central region, dominated by desert terrain.  Igen is supplied by Igen and Keroon Holds. It protects Big Bay Delta, High Ground Hold, Igen Hold, Keroon Bay Delta, Mastertanner Hold, Plains Hold, Red Butte, and Southern Telgar Hold. 

In the summer of 1,259, after Bellora’s Kyloth rose to mate, there was a change in leadership when a new bronze flew the Queen.  Igen, along with Ista and Telgar, are some of the worse off Weyr’s when it comes to fighting Thread. They have enough room for five Queen weyrs, but only had one until the clutching witnessed by K’brin, ‘Mala, and T’ria, when a second Queen was born and the power struggle began. Once junior Queen Aldabith and her rider, Caylinn, has enough political power amassed, she becomes the Senior Queen.  Igen tends to have more male than female candidates, and picks each one with care, trying to select those who have craft skills. Those who don’t Impress are then assigned to craft duties instead of being sent home. 

Ista Weyr is the fifth and smallest Weyr. It’s located on Ista Island, directly south of the middle of the coast. Carved from black stone, part of the volcano wall has collapsed with a view of the bay.  Ista protects Beastmasterhold, Big Bay Hold (Igen Sea Hold), Gar Hold, Ista Sea Hold, Katz Field Hold, Keroon Hold, Nerat Hold, Red Sands Hold, Rocky Hold, and Sea Cliff Hold.

Ista is a more progressive Weyr, the laid back island lifestyle has influenced them… to a point anyway. Rules aren’t always followed to the letter, they allow their Dragonriders more freedom in their non-Threadfighting time than say, the more strict Telgar. Ista was hard hit by the conspiracy to poison the herdbeasts from Keroon supplied for the dragons to eat. The Lord Holder of Ista, Renatus, was a key player, driven at the time by the firm belief that Thread was never coming back and dragons needed to serve other purposes. 

The Weyrwoman role is less political than it is in, say Igen. Once Daena feels like stepping down for the good of Ista, she will.  Ista very much believes in the duty the Weyr has to the Holds it protects, and pushes to stretch their very thin resources to cover the land they can from Thread. Candidates at Ista who fail to Impress are welcome to either return to their homes or stay on at the Weyr, where they can find any number of things to do in and around the Weyr.

Telgar Weyr is the sixth and youngest Weyr.  It was originally a mining Hold with caverns cut by miners. It’s located in the central northern mountains. Telgar protects Campbell’s Field Hold, Crom Hold, Far Cry Hold, Greenfields Hold, Hold Balan, Masterminerhold, Mastersmith Hall, Miner’s Hold, and Telgar Hold.

Telgar Weyr is full of very strong personalities. They’re very formal and traditional.  If there’s a dispute, it is likely to end in a duel. They also dislike public shows of weakness. Because it was originally a mining hold, the layout isn’t the most favorable for dragons. It has over 300 empty dragon weyrs, but they at least have a junior Queen. Telgar winters can be hard, with many night hours, and thus, Threadfalls. They’re very pragmatic as well. When one of their riders was psychically bringing morale down badly after a few night Falls, they sought out aid from Ista Weyr, who sent a brown rider, K’brin, to ‘solve’ the problem.

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