T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 13 – Words For The Ages

Rough notes from the second journey to Varlada – Tenth month of 1,265

  • After returning to the Inn, we met with the Wing to explain where we were. K’brin gave tasks to various people — N’lan to go to the Market to get seeds we might be able to grow on Pern, T’grim to talk to the Kinatori about tenants of their beliefs, ‘Zana to try and find some paper stock.
  • I went by K’brin’s and L’nos’ rooms to run ideas for my speech by K’brin. With his Harper training, I trusted his judgement on what might be wrong to immortalize in an Antiquity Stone. L’nos joked, “we could die tomorrow” and I gave in to his flirtation.
  • Next morning, went with K’brin to make records on Antiquity Stones.

Hello, my name is T’ria, and I am the rider of green Selenath. I have traveled far beyond far to come here, to Varlada, from my homeworld Pern, the land to which some of our shared ancestors fled. I am honored to have been asked to leave a message for future generations of Kinatori. I hadn’t heard of the Kinatori, Kameni, or Alesu before coming to Galatia and being brought here by the Kinatori we encountered in Idalia, but I hope you’ll be pleased to know that though the words were unfamiliar, the concepts were not entirely foreign to me.

On Pern, there are different challenges we as a people, and also dragonriders, face. These challenges, along with, I now believe, the Kinatori beliefs that were brought over, have forged us into communities that each have our integral roles to play. We rely on each other and work together, to live and flourish as a people. We’re by no means perfect, but I think that the Kinatori of this world would be able to recognize many of their beliefs in the people of the world I’ve come from.

We’ve lost much of our past to the passage of time. I think it’s given us the ability to break free from many of those things they couldn’t abide – so much so that they took a huge risk traveling to a new world to start anew. The warring, both with and without dragons, is almost entirely nonexistent on Pern.

I suppose I should share a little about myself. Before I impressed Selenath, I trained for many years to become a Master Healer. I’ve only ever wanted to help people from a fairly young age. When something needed to be done, I felt that I should step up and do what I could. So when I was asked to stand before the eggs of our Queen dragon, despite my fears and doubts, I did so. How could I not? It has been, without a doubt, the most life changing and rewarding experience. I am glad to have met the Kinatori that live here in Idalia. I do not know if we will be able to come back in the future, but if we do, I would like to visit with you again.

Thank you.

  • Found out that there are Kinatori in other dominions, but in much lesser numbers. Kirengar has a mandated ‘religion’, so it’s much harder to have a presence there. They’re quicker to spot strangers.
  • Possible to find other Kinatori if you touch, they might be more likely to ‘see’ us.
  • Talked with K’brin on the way back about corruption and if we are or aren’t. He believes (in Kameni), he always has… even before he had the words for it.  He advised me to turn away. (“You always do” – discussion for later?)  I told him I can’t not believe in Kameni after learning what I have, which seemed to surprise him a bit. He said I should not go down that path if I want to go home. K’brin has a job to do and is very determined to do that and go home. He thinks we’re not corrupted yet. 
    • N’rion knew where the Oracles all are, which is what doomed him. He made a pact to kill himself. This is what K’brin theorizes is the corruption we fear. Why did Sorka and Sean kill themselves?
  • The Wing is packed up to leave when a woman with blond hair approached me with two young kids. She introduced herself as Glanrin, the boy’s called Rennos (4-ish?), and the girl is Erendy (5-ish?). She and her husband Tostan are Kinatori. She asked if I’m from the ‘other place’. After I confirmed, she asked if I could take them with me, so they can grow up without fear the government will find the shrine and kill them. They’re young enough to forget where they came from. She said they’re not special (meaning talented)
  • Asked K’brin about it, he instantly said yes. Master Lancaster had already given permission for refugees as long as they’re young and not talented. Will have to keep an eye on them, unknown what diseases they might carry that Pern hasn’t seen, and what Pern has that they’re not immune to. 
  • Glanrin brought all the warm clothes she could to bundle the children in, because the trip between will be perilous for ones so young. I knew they would likely pass out. N’lan and L’nos will each take a child on their dragons.
  • With no sign of pursuit, we took off for a return journey to Pern.
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