T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 14 – Life Goes On

Tenth and Eleventh Months of 1,265

Tenth month of 1,265

  • It was a long trip between, but we finally emerged over Great Isle. Everyone reported feeling oddly good, just a little lethargy. The boy was crying but the girl was unconscious.
  • Greeted by P’dair and his wing from Fort, currently on rotation.
  • Erendy was not breathing and had no pulse. I rushed over and started performing emergency measures, yelling for stimulants (not sure who got them, in the rush), and managed to get her breathing. She finally woke up that evening, still felt sick and called for her mother. I felt like we’d done a good thing overall, but knew it was going to be incredibly hard on the children in the short term. They didn’t know the language, where they were or anything. Note to self: tell K’brin I think it may be best to see how these two fare on Pern before we bring any other refugees.
  • We all stayed on Great Isle for three days, to see if anybody followed us from Galatia and also give the children time to adjust and see if there were any obvious reactions or issues with them being here.
  • Flew back to Ista, enjoyed quite the welcome from the dragons. G’mar said things are hopping around the Weyr. Clutch formation flying will be starting soon with the weyrlings.
  • Went with K’brin to talk to Daena about Erendy and Rennos. She didn’t want the children staying at the Weyr, fearful of… frankly everything that could happen as a result of their presence. I couldn’t blame her for her concerns, I shared some of them. K’brin suggested taking them to Katz Field. I offered to fly them there myself, because it’s where I grew up and also because it gives Selenath a chance to forget what she saw in Galatia so she can’t accidentally spill any secrets, Kinatori or otherwise.
    • Told Valora when I got there that they’re from Nerat, where their whole family was killed by Thread. I planned to visit them as often as I can to help them adjust and keep an eye on things.
  • L’nos took the Selfium seeds to the Masterfarmer. If we can grow them here, it would be ideal.
  • K’brin went to Master Karthen to talk about his concerns regarding corruption, asked if he’s a “heresy”.
  • The weyrlings finished maneuvering training. We would soon be training for a Flight of three small wings, which Ista hasn’t had in quite some time. V’dos will be offering his experience from his time with Fort Weyr.
  • A letter from Eurielle announces that her brother Wyland’s wife Duvesa gave birth to a daughter, Gladirel. Oh, were it but a son
  • G’van showed up at a Wing meeting to ask for help with the rope drills being held in just under a month.

Eleventh month of 1,265

  • Rope drills started off fun (for those of us who were experienced dragonriders), but at some point, it hit everyone that the stakes were very real. Many weyrlings were marred by red paint that would get them and their dragons killed if they were truly fighting Thread.
  • Word reached Ista that Telgar Weyr’s Junior Queen, Ioneth (Illdana’s gold) was rising to mate. It was a brown Flight because they didn’t need any more gold eggs, which must be a nice problem to have. It was her first flight. K’brin intended to go, but if he won, he would have to stay around until the hatching.
  • Apparently, on the advice of others, K’brin sought out the other Junior Queen, a transfer named Mikala, and slept with her. The next day, the mating flight happened and P’lar of brown Andoth was the winner. K’brin ended up with Mikala again.
  • Seliana was far enough into her pregnancy that she came to me with advice for morning sickness. I gave her a number of tea packets and such for her to brew for different kinds of issues she might have.
  • Starsmith Althea had results for the time spent between going to Sakaria: before the first week of August – 3 minutes, Sept. – 2 min or less, October – a minute or less. The time begins creeping up again in the last week of December.
  • Received a letter from Healer Hall identifying the disease described for those who fail the test at the Shrine of Landarfal. It’s called Deep Stone Disease by miners. Symptoms happen when they’re mining specific formations of rock. Things can be contaminated by touch until everything is bathed thoroughly. Sunlight doesn’t kill it.
  • K’brin and Master Sanell organized the first Turn anniversary memorial of N’rion and Erenath’s sacrifice. The whole Weyr came together to honor them. We sent up lanterns with little flames in them. Some wrote messages or drew something on theirs, a memory they had of N’rion or whatnot. Very somber, but he gave up so much for us and should be remembered by Ista, and all of Pern, for the opportunities he’s given us.
  • Talked with K’brin about concerns regarding the children, Rennos and Erendy (now called Arenda, to sound more Pernese) at Katz Field. I mentioned my intention to regularly check on them, to both help them settle in and keep an eye out for signs of disease in both the children and residents of Katz Field. I suggested not bringing further refugees until we see how the kids work out. K’brin wanted me to visit every two sevendays to a month and report back anything of note. The Senior Journeyman Harper, Emelyn, would keep an eye on the children and work to put together a dictionary. She’s “in the know” about the lie we’ve settled on, that they’re the only survivors from a cothold we came across on the Southern Continent. This should explain any eccentricities noticed by people.
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