T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 19 – The Unbelievable Joy Of Life

Fifth Month of 1,266

  • Faranth’s Wing helped welcome and integrate the transfers into life in Ista Weyr as much as we could. N’lan, ‘Zana, V’dos and L’nos were all able to help with suggestions that helped them get used to life in a new Weyr, with a culture far different than their own.
    • There were some issues between the transfers and weyrlings over social pecking order, but the bronze riders handled it. 
  • The firelizards started squawking and getting fussy before clearing out, which signaled the beginning of Liviath clutching. I went with other dragonhealers to check the egg when she was good and distracted.
  • I discovered Seliana’s water had broken when I asked River for any interesting news.  He showed me an image of her clearly in the very beginning stages of labor. I got myself ready to assist her in the birth, letting those I’d have on standby in case something went drastically wrong know that Seliana was about to give birth.
    • When I got to Seliana’s apartment, her gold firelizard Corona was in super protective and opinionated mode. I had to banish her when things got further along.
    • Twelve hours of labor and five hours of active labor later, a healthy 8 lb., 20 oz. baby boy, with a huge head, grey eyes and brown hair, was born. His parents named him Garrin.
  • T’grim received a message via firelizard one day saying Miraketh, Vanorika’s gold, was expected to rise to mate soon. D’fel ended up winning the Flight, to everyone’s relief. He’s been a solid ally, so it was welcome news.
  • On day nine of Liviath’s clutching, she laid a gold egg, which was quite unexpected given her age. The other dragonhealers and I noticed signs of aging in the eggs and it was decided that this would be her last clutch. There are ways that bronzes and browns can skew fertility by mating with greens shortly before a Flight.
    • At the end of 22 days, there were 16 eggs total on the sands.
  • In another bit of welcome news, the Weyr gathered to meet the 28 members of what would be Baynos Wing. They stood in a square formation as everyone took it in. 
    • Baynos Wing will be lead by T’vin, and his Wingsecond will be N’sel of Generoth. Other members include N’mir, A’dan, L’zar, ‘Nova, S’lina, and T’vel, along with 6 more blues and 10 greens. There was a spot left for B’dir, once he’s done with his time in Faranth’s Wing.
  • B’dir revealed he talked Daena into letting Faranth’s Wing fly in the first Fall with Baynos Wing. He’s a good man, B’dir. We might be flying with the Queen’s Wing as backup, but we’ll be flying Thread!
    • V’dos ended up slightly threadscored and suffered from coughing spells from inhaling ash.
  • K’brin attended the mating flight of Ryleneth at Benden, but V’kim was the favorite according to ‘Zana.
  • Searching began for Liviath’s clutch. I went with L’nos and K’brin, who went along to help ease any social situations that came up and help find candidates that might have gone unnoticed by using his Talent. He’d been struggling with Searching the young since he discovered he was a father, I think. We found two candidates at Nerat Hold.
    • L’nos later told me that he told K’brin that he wanted to find the best candidates to be there to ride alongside his children one day, since it’s all but inevitable they’ll impress. It sounded like that helped K’brin with his hesitation a little.
  • Hatching day for Liviath’s clutch came, and by the end, Arliasa impressed gold Verdeth. Ista Weyr was also two bronzes, two browns, five blues and six greens stronger than it was at the beginning of the day. I truly began to feel like I could breathe again.
  • V’lir retired as Assistant Weyrlingmaster. S’van became Assistant Weyrlingmaster. There was a small party held afterwards.
  • Time passed quickly because of how busy we were, as our window to leave for Varlada approached.
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