Toria: Chapter 1, Episode 1.1 – The Shaggy Dog

WARNING: Do not read other player’s Chapter 1 posts until Chapter 2.

Toria burst into the quarters she shared with her two foster sisters, making a beeline for the leather pack Master Valora has told her to keep ready for emergencies. Surely this was an emergency! She opened it to make sure she had enough supplies in case Shaggie had hurt himself, then grabbed a few small satchels for if she saw some of the herbs Master Valora had said she needed more of the other day.

Buckling the pack shut and shouldering it, Toria made for the kitchen. Shouting hellos at those she saw as she walked in, she found some leftover meatrolls from breakfast and wrapped a few in cloth.  Either she or Shaggie, when she found him, could eat them. When Kavi, one of the bakers, looked her way questioningly, Toria held up the bound up meatrolls.

“I’m going to look for Shaggie. Miss Ranella hasn’t seen him in a few days and he might be hungry when I find him!”

Kavi nodded, with a smile tugging at her lips.

“I do hope you find him, he’s such a sweet thing!”

With the meatrolls secured in her pack, she walked out with a “Thanks!” to Kavi, intent on finding Dylan in one of his hiding spots in the heights. Toria liked spending time with him; he was always friendly and smiling when she saw him. Shells, did he have a nice smile! He was also willing to let her tag along when he went looking for firelizard eggs, though he hadn’t found one yet. She knew he liked avoiding chores, but this would be fun and help Miss Ranella. He was sure to say yes!


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