Toria: Chapter 1, Episode 1.3 – The Angry Hen

WARNING: Other players should not read this until Chapter 1 is complete.

Dylan!” Toria exclaimed, startled by the angry wherry likely defending its eggs… or its meal.  She didn’t see them to know for sure.

Heart racing, mind whirling, Toria recalled the phrase Master Valora drilled into her nearly every day, “Keep calm. Evaluate. Prioritize.” 

[Skill check: Farming 10, rolled 13]

She looked at the more immediate threat of the wherry. On her family’s farm, they dealt with mostly herdbeasts and runnerbeasts.  She didn’t know much about wherries.

“Shells! How do you handle an angry wherry?” Toria wondered.

Whether it was defending her babies or meal, angering it further didn’t seem the best course of action. The animal looked like it could easily injure or kill her, not to mention Dylan.

“Maybe I can distract it with rocks, see if it runs off so I can get to Dylan!”

Crouching down to the ground, she grabbed a few of the biggest rocks she could find and slowly backed up to widen the distance between the wherry and herself. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she aimed for the outcropping, beyond where the wherry and Dylan were and threw. If the rocks clattered down and caused a distraction, she could get to her friend.

[Attribute check: DX 11, rolled 10.]


If successful: The wherry turns her head, taking a few steps towards the noise and Toria quickly launches another few rocks in the same direction. It gives an angry screech and steps far enough away for Toria to dart to where Dylan is and grab him, yelling “Run for the rocks!”

If unsuccessful: Toria feels her heart flutter and tries to stay calm as the wherry fails inspect the noise and step away from Dylan. She yells out “Hey, wherry! Over here! Dylan, run for the rocks!”


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