T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 5 – Death… And Life

Fourth Month of 1,265

Lord Renatus of Ista is dead. Lord Stefan will succeed him. I confess a sense, however slight, of relief at his passing. He and the others in the conspiracy set the dragon population back so much. K’brin flew in the honor flight, which I know wasn’t the easiest thing for him, and N’lan, L’nos and I represented Faranth’s Wing. The funeral was much more extravagant than the others I’ve been to. Renatus’ body was laid out on a fancy marble display, people attending were at times wailing and mourning, and the body was placed on a pyre lit by his son-in-law. I did get to meet someone from K’brin’s youth, a Captain Brychan of the Cormorant. He influenced a teen Kebrin to want to see more of Pern and they seemed to enjoy catching up with each other.

In happier news, Faranth’s Wing recently celebrated its first Founding Day. We had a celebration which allowed us to blow off some steam. I also got to teach my lessons on human and dragon health and healing to the weyrlings of Maranath’s clutch. I kept thinking how young they all were, and that by this time next turn, some of them will likely be dead. It’s not fair, but life just isn’t fair, no matter how much we want it to be. I know ‘Mala dislikes searching out the youngest candidates, and I understand her reasoning. There’s no good solution here. The older candidates can’t fight Thread as long, but younger ones lack the life experiences, at first, to make the best decisions under pressure. I tried my best to not only give them practical advice based on my experience as a Healer and Dragonrider, but prepare them for the losses they will inevitably face.

Benden also sent over a wing to help us with the last threadfall, given the numerous injuries taken in the nighttime fall over the Verdant River area of Nerat. Is it wrong of me that I’m jealous of Weyrs like Benden, who can just spare a whole entire WING like that? It just makes me even more determined to get the Elixir of Two Moons for those queens willing to drink it so future generations won’t have to struggle so hard to defend Pern against Thread.

K’brin and I went out to search for firelizard eggs at the behest of R’nal. He wanted them as gifts for various dignitaries. Seliana had also asked for one as a condition of moving to Ista. K’brin thought that if we could get a few extra on top of what had been promised, they could be sold for marks. We ended up with 9 eggs, one of them gold, which will go to Seliana. It was MUCH easier looking for eggs than when we were young and dragon-crazy, not knowing what was ahead. I sometimes miss the old days when things were simpler, and there was no thread. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Fifth month, 1,265

We’ve received word that Lord Colton, the young lordling of Keroon we helped all those Turns ago, is to be married to the daughter of Lord Stefan. Deckitt, who is now the Aide to Lord Colton, sent a letter to K’brin and I.

Senesta’s pregnancy is now public news, as she is far enough along for it to be noticeable. Everyone is quite happy for her.

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