T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 6 – New Way Of Seeing

Sixth Month of 1,265

So. Much. Training. My head is full of information, and my body aches in different places than usual. V’dos had suggested we practice swimming to expand our breath holding abilities, because the trip to Varlada will be longer than the 3 breaths we’re accustomed to. I’ve been doing that while Selenath enjoys time in the water. I’m pretty fit, but using muscles to do things one doesn’t normally do will make anyone hurt. And so, I journal.

What had happened of late? Well, the wedding of Lord Colton and Margary was lovely. It was a huge affair, and I ended up bringing L’nos with me for company since I knew K’brin would be spending most of his time with Seliana and I didn’t want to be the awkward third wheel. Colton invited us to the Autumn Gather, which is at Ruatha and… well, that might not be the best idea, but it would be rude to turn him down.

Master Lancaster, who I believe is the right hand man… possibly next in line for Masterharper (I don’t dare ask K’brin for confirmation, I can see it being a sore subject for him), came from Harper Hall to see Mountainview Island and the progress being made. I helped show him around with K’brin, and we talked logistics of the trip. Did we dare try to bring someone back? Would we test the Elixir on a green dragon, in case it was toxic? I also spent more time practicing disguising myself and talking diplomacy with Karthen. I’ll be a proper Harper any day now! Ha!

I went with ‘Mala and K’brin to Igen for the hatching of Kyloth’s clutch of 25 eggs. It was nice to see ‘Mala’s home, but K’brin and I made an effort to not draw too much attention to ourselves due to THAT incident I may have had a small hand in. I’d never been to Igen before and it was surprising to see they had room for 5 queen weyrs! Imagine that. Out of curiosity, I used my Talent to see what I could when the eggs started to hatch and I was shocked by what I saw. There’s a sort of… emotional color coming from the hatchlings in a cloud around them, and as they were stumbling around in the sands, the emotional cloud would settle over a group of candidates. There was a sort of flash of a pattern that came together in the hatchling that shot into one particular candidate that was echoing the same pattern. It seemed that the bronze and browns had a greater range to find a matching pattern. In one case, I watched a brown somehow choose between two candidates echoing the same pattern.

It was fascinating and beautiful and every positive emotion there is. I was so enraptured that ‘Mala had to slap me to get me back to myself and K’brin, who I had told what I was seeing, had to have smelling salts used on him in the infirmary. Once we were back to ourselves ‘Mala explained to us how things are done differently in Igen. Such as the power struggle between the new queen rider and the current Weyrwoman. As soon as Caylinn has amassed enough political pull, she’ll be the new Senior Queen. Searching is also done in such a way that candidates who don’t Impress often have useful Craft skills and are assigned to said craft instead of being sent home. No candidate is wasted. Next time I search, if I am so fortunate, I might keep that in mind.

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