T’ria: Chapter 5, Journal 16 – Numenon

Twelfth Month of 1,265 and the First and Second Months of 1,266

Twelfth month of 1,265

  • We were shown a preview of the show Harper Hall was putting together based on the music K’brin heard in the ‘other place’. The whole wing, as well as Daena and some others, were invited to see what Harper Hall had done with his music. K’brin was terribly nervous and unsure, he said it’s raw and unfinished – he never intended it to be played publically.
    • The show was called “Numenon”, which seemed to mean something to T’grim when it was announced. *scribbled in the side, clearly added later*: T’grim said he heard the word when he was documenting information gathered from the Kinatori. It means “the unknowable indescribable reality that lies behind the reality of observed phenomenon”.
    • The music was like nothing I’d ever heard before and I lack the words to properly describe it. Even not being a Harper, I could tell that the way the various instruments were being used was completely new, and it was captivating. I planned to see it again, if I was able.
    • Dancers accompanied the music, practically flying across the stage in a new and beautiful style.
    • Afterward, Master Salinda performed something that was not part of the show. K’brin said later what she used was called a Vielle, and it had curved strings on top, around the bow. Sometimes, she hit two or three strings at once, producing a most unusual sound.
    • K’brin said he heard echoes of the sound of Ista Weyr in the music
  • V’lir, G’van and S’van had the idea for the clutchmates from our hatching to gather together, fly as a wing, and remember those we’ve lost. They’d heard that the first solo flight for the weyrlings would be announced for Turnover and thought that would be a nice thing for the first group of weyrlings at Ista in many Turns to do. Even Senesta showed up. It was almost startling to remember that at one time, we were both standing in front of the Queen egg, waiting for our destinies to unfold.
  • Celebrated Turnover with the Wing a bit early. I was gifted thoughtful presents from everyone, including a leaf-shaped vent cover from Gil, a carving of the landscape around the Shrine of Landarfal from M’din, and oxhorn bowls from T’grim. Two of my most favorites, though, were from N’lan and ‘Mala. N’lan gifted me with a leather herbalist bag with three sections inside and ‘Mala gave me a pruning knife with a wherry claw handle. I will cherish that knife, always.
  • On the first actual day of Turnover, the Wing and several others traveled to Ista Hold because the new Lord Holder, Stefan, wanted to show appreciation to the dragonriders, and to prove that old issues have been dealt with.
  • On the way there, we noticed a sailing vessel at Mountain View, flying Turnover and Ista Hold pennants. It was good to see the hardworking people on the island having some fun of their own.
  • At the Hold, we saw Lord Colton, not at the high table, but rather a side one. He mentioned to K’brin that he should time his visit to Ruatha on the third night of Turnover, when the most guests will be leaving, because interacting with Lord Gavrien will be… awkward. The most risk would be anytime the two are alone. 

First month of 1,266

  • Finally made time to talk to Gil about my interest in firestone and doing research into its poisonous effects on dragons when ingested wrong.  He said he’d write ahead for anything the miners have on firestone. Doing any research will be tricky, since I would need an open space that’s well vented. I mentioned to K’brin my intent to build a small lab on Mountain View to do my work as I have time. I’ll likely need to be over there with the Healers once we get all the ingredients for the Elixir of Two Moons, so I could do that during down time, perhaps?
  • I spent time working on strengthening my Talents, gossiping with firelizards – also looking for possible nest sites since K’brin and I will be going to look for eggs later, and trying to block out things both in the outside world and in the “place that glows”. I also spent time with Selenath in remote areas and let my mind wander, trying to push out my senses. 
  • I managed to gather enough plants and herbs from a variety of places for the fledgling garden, set in a sunny spot in my weyr, out of the way of anywhere Selenath and her menace of a tail is likely to reach. There were a few plants that needed shade, but not too many. I’d bought some pieces of pottery here and there to grow them in and I asked Shireya and Kevlen to look after them when I’m gone for too long. 

Second month of 1,266

  • Eurielle came to Ista Weyr at the beginning of the second month to celebrate the twin’s ninth Turnday.
    • K’brin had to scold Shireya for guessing the contents of the presents. She upset Kevlen for guessing one of his presents was a nicely crafted kite. K’brin later disclosed that he thought that because the gift giver would be thinking of what the gift being opened was, Shireya picked up on that. She didn’t understand why people were getting upset at her for guessing. That girl be a force to be reckoned with, one day, make no mistake.
  • The combat drills for Maranath’s new clutch were causing a bit of a ruckus at all hours, but they’re a necessary part of training, so we endured it.
  • K’brin said that Seliana’s firelizard queen, Corona, was starting to be more clingy, hovering more once the baby was being active inside her. They felt the baby kick for the first time. I’d already talked with Seliana about what she wanted when the baby comes, so there won’t be any surprises. I’ll be the one delivering the baby, which made me feel a whole bundle of emotions when asked. Being as this was Seliana’s first child and the first one K’brin will be around to see born, I hoped for a smooth delivery when the time came.
  • L’nos and B’dir approached me to fly in their three-vee in the upcoming Spring Games. They needed a green and Selenath was certainly dexterous enough! I felt like, after my disastrous attempt many Turns ago, it was time to try again. 
    • We had a bit of an issue with deciding who we would fly for, because Faranth’s WIng is made up of people from every Weyr. We solved this in the most appropriate way possible: alcohol. We’re all from Ista, so… we’ll figure something out.
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